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Buttock Augmentation
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Buttock Augmentation
Houston Buttock Augmentation

Hip Enlargements

November 26th, 2015 admin

“Body contouring” is the term used for aesthetic body reshaping surgery.It is usually a combination of liposuction (to reduce areas of fat excess) and fat grafting (to enlarge areas that are flat, depressed, or too small). Reducing the fat above and below the hips can visually make the hips larger.Adding fat to the hips by fat transfer will make them larger still.Be sure to seek a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who hasexperience in body contouring. The best methods to increase size of the hips arethrough fat grafts via injection or adipocutaneous rotation of flaps performed at the time of dermolipectomy (buttock and thigh lift) procedures.

Fat grafting is used in the Brazilian butt lift, but can also be performed to increase the size of one’s hips, though the augmentation achieved by this method is limited, as there is less soft tissue in that area to graft the fat into. The best option involves liposuction of fat from various areas and fat transfer to your hips. For further clarifications, consult Dr. Wilberto Cortés or log on to www.babygotbutt.com.

Risks and FAQs about Butt Augmentation Surgery

November 22nd, 2015 admin

Q1. What care and caution does one have to take after the surgery?

Instructions given by your doctor should be followed religiously to ensure speedy recovery. Some pain and bruises are normal; use a cushion to sit to avoid aggravating it. Limit your physical activities as per your doctor’s advice and avoid any kind of anxiety or strain. Take prescribed medicines on time and drinks many fluids as you can.

Q2. When will I be able to sit?

You will not be able to sit for two weeks after your enlargement surgery. After two weeks, you will be able to sit using a cushion.

Q3. After a fat transplantation procedure, how do the buttocks feel to the touch?

Your newly shaped buttocks will usually feel natural after the healing process. Initially it feels hard, but it will soften up. Since your own living cells create the additional shape, your buttocks will look and feel normal. You will not be able to distinguish which areas have been grafted.

Q4. Do I need to wear any special garments after butt enhancement surgery?

You will be required to wear a special surgical garment for three to six months after surgery for comfort and to minimize swelling. You will also be encouraged to have massage and ultrasound sessions beginning one week after surgery to minimize swelling and hardness and to accelerate the healing process. These service scan be provided to you in-house; however, we do realize that this is not practical for our out-of-town patients, and we suggest that they have these treatments in their local area.

Q5. When can I resume exercise after my butt augmentation procedure?

Each patient will have his or her own recovery period, depending on the exact procedure performed and individual health factors. Most patients can resume progressive exercise after three to four weeks, gradually getting back to the preoperative level after about six weeks or so.

For more details and further information on butt augmentation, log on to www.babygotbutt.com.


November 19th, 2015 admin

BUTTOCK RESHAPINGButtocks have definite aesthetic importance, especially for the female figure. There is no single ideal for good looking, attractive buttocks. Aesthetic standards of popularity change with time, culture, and ethnicity. But one thing is for sure: every one of us desires a well-proportioned and well-toned butt. Buttock reshaping can be safely and effectively performed in a quality controlled and accredited hospital facility like the one used by Dr.Wilberto Cortés in Houston, Texas.

Cosmetic Surgery for Buttocks

The most common complaints related to the buttocks are either they are “too small” or “too big”. Both problems are completely correctable by cosmetic surgery. Other cosmetic problems associated with buttocks are:

  • Sagging buttocks associated with aging or massive weight loss.
  • Soft tissue defects on the butt from previous surgical procedures or injury.
  • Severe cellulite.

Treatment options

Butt shaping is a surgical art requiring fine hand skills combined with a thorough understanding of butt (gluteal) aesthetics and ethnic variations.

  • Butt reduction. Butt reduction is performed by liposculpting (fine definition liposuction), reducing the fat from the butt and adjacent areas.
  • Butt augmentation. Increasing the size of the buttocks can be achieved surgically either by inserting an implant (gluteal augmentation/butt implant) or by injecting fat cells harvested from the person’s own body.
  • Butt lift. Sagging of the buttocks occurs due to aging or follows massive weight loss. The buttock tissues fall downward and outward and are often associated with loss of volume and wrinkling of skin. Correction of buttock sagging is achieved by butt lift surgery.

To learn more about the above-mentioned procedures, log on to www.babygotbutt.com, where you can get answers to your questions.

Butt Augmentation Surgery: Preconditions andCandidates for the Procedure

November 15th, 2015 admin

Butt augmentation,also known as butt enlargement,can be achieved through safe surgical procedures thathave been developed over the years.The most common procedure in the past used silicone implants; however,the fat transfer method, where fat from other parts of the body like the abdomen and back istransferred to the buttocks to make themlook fatter and rounder, is gaining in popularity. Buttocks enlargement can help give you a more feminine hourglass figure. For those with flat behinds, butt augmentation can help you look more curvaceous. Many women find that their waists seem smaller after butt enlargement.

Who Should Go In for Butt Augmentation?

Women and men with an absence of projection and volume inthe gluteal region should certainly exercise this option. With the trend toward fitness and muscle development, women are looking for a pert, more voluminous buttock, either surgically or through exercise. Some patients suffer from deformities, whichcan be congenital or acquired, occurring from childhood or appearing in adult life. Deficiencies in volume and projection are generally due to muscular hypotrophy and lack of fat in the upper gluteal region. With age, excess fat in the hip area, tummy, and thighs descends to the lower third of the buttock, giving the appearance of heavy, flattened buttocks.

Pre-Conditions for Buttocks Augmentation Surgery

Heart disease and all other medical illnesses need to be monitored first by an internist or specialist.If you are anemic, or have a low blood count, please notify your surgeon well in advance of surgery so that you can start on iron supplements. You cannot have surgery if you are anemic.

Pre-operative laboratory blood and urine tests are done usually within 10 days of your surgery date. If you have specific medical illnesses, allergies, or physical handicaps, please notify the surgeon during your pre-operative visit. Please refrain from taking aspirin, Aleve, Advil, Motrin, or other NSAIDs for 10days before your surgery. These drugs can increase the incidence of bleeding and bruising.

For further information about butt augmentation procedures and expected results, log on to www.babygotbutt.com.

Traditional Butt Lift Procedure

November 9th, 2015 admin

Traditional Butt Lift ProcedureThe traditional butt lift is a method where excess flabby skin around the butt is removed to give a better shape to the butt. This technique is often done for those who have lost weight and feel their buttocks lack shape or who wish to improve the appearance of their backsides. The buttock lift is envisioned to create tighter and more attractive buttocks with improved contours.

For a butt lift, a cut is placed low on the back, just above the buttocks. Fat is usually scarce in these patients because of their weight loss, and is typically not removed, but transposed by various methods to improve the look of the butt. The scars are hidden by underwear and bikini swimwear and usually heal well.

There are two ways of doing a butt lift. The first way is by direct incision in the skin. The perfect candidate for this procedure is an individual with excess skin and flaccidity along the buttocks. Patients that require this type of process have undergone immense weight loss. This body contouring method remove sexcess skin and fat left behind from the expansion of skin due to fat loss and lack of tissue elasticity.

The second approach to the butt lift is by fat injection. If the amount of flabbiness and excess skin ranges from mild to moderate and the patient has extra fat in other areas, fat injection can be used to fill deficit areas. Whenever the buttocks lose their shape, injecting fat into the inferior gluteal fold and areas around the butt will create the illusion of a better and lifted rear.

The doctor will assess the amount of skin and fat in the buttocks and decide which type of butt lift is the most apt for the patient. Dr. Cortés first examines the patient and then suggests the type of procedure appropriate for the patient. Many patients have benefited from the treatment they have received from Dr. Cortés at his state-of-the-art facility located in Houston, Texas. For further clarifications about the procedure, visit the site www.babygotbutt.com.

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