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Buttock liquid silicone injections part 5 – Complications

The reaction of liquid silicone can be presented in different ways. For example, we know that not all the patients that have silicone injection have developed significant complications. It seems that when a high amount of silicone is injected, almost all of the patients will develop palpable nodules. The average time of presentation is nine years. It can take decades for some of the complications to manifest. So, just because nothing happens right away, it does not mean that you will not have a problem in the future. You might be lucky to survive a high volume of silicone in your buttocks.

Some of the complications could be the following:

1. Multiple and painful lumps

2. Skin inflammation

3. Skin breakdown

4. Granuloma

5. Recurrent Cellulitis (Infections)

6. Silicone migration

7. Acute pneumonitis (Lung inflammation)

8. Blood Clots

9. Kidney failure


Now, remember I am referring to large amounts of silicone, which is necessary to augment the buttock. I don’t recommend the use of industrial or medical silicone in large amounts for soft tissue augmentation. Typically, when I use fat transfer to sculpt the buttocks, I inject between 500 cc – 1000 cc (1 Liter). I have found that this is the best option to improve butts with minor complications.

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