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4 Jan

When Can I Shower After A Brazilian Butt Lift?

When Can I Shower After A Brazilian Butt Lift? IntroductionThe Brazilian butt lift, also known as the fat transfer to the butt, is a plastic surgery procedure to enhance the buttocks. As a result of the shapelier booty trend, tens of thousands of women are undergoing BBL each year to achieve the butt of their dreams. The procedure involves the use of your own body fat to enhance your backside.The Brazilian butt lift is a major operation. It involves the use...
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21 Nov

Butt lift safety information

The butt lift is a major operation. It involves major incisions and the surgical removal of saggy and excess skin from the butt, besides the removal of excess fat. However, there are patients who consider the butt lift a simple and risk-free procedure. The fact is that the butt lift...
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14 Nov

Brazilian butt lift revision surgery

The Brazilian butt lift is a popular procedure that delivers effective and reliable aesthetic results. However, there are always patients who will need touch-up fat injections down the road. After the original fat transfer, you can expect your butt to appear smoother, projected, and shapelier. The texture of the skin...
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24 Oct

Scarring after a buttock augmentation procedure

Buttock augmentation is an effective plastic surgery procedure to add projection to and enhance the buttocks. Women are extremely sensitive and conscious about the size and shape of their backsides. Smaller, poorly-shaped, or flatter butts often become a source of lower self-esteem and emotional pain for women. This happens because...
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17 Oct

Plastic surgery for saggy buttocks

One of the most common aesthetic problems women suffer from is having a saggy buttock. Saggy butts look aesthetically unwelcoming. As a result, women who have it often experience a lack of self-confidence and they also go through emotional distress. Fortunately, a saggy behind can be treated via plastic surgery....
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