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16 Sep

Contraindications for buttock implant

A buttock implant is a cosmetic type of surgery that helps patients achieve their ideal buttock shape. It is a safe procedure that produces positive results if done properly by an experienced and certified surgeon.Nowadays, more people (especially women) are considering buttock implant surgery thanks to famous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez. Before patients proceed with the procedure, they must first consult with certified surgeons who can then properly determine if the patients can be good candidates for a buttock implant procedure.Generally, patients undergo buttock implant surgery should be in good health, without any diseases or preexisting medical conditions. In some cases, manageable illnesses may also be cleared for surgery. Those who take regular medications or have...
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9 Sep

Is it safe to inject hyaluronic acid in the buttocks?

Although the use of butt implants and fat injections are considered safe, the safety of other synthetic products for buttock injections is still in question. Among the list of synthetic products is hyaluronic acid. There is no authority that regulates the substances that are used as buttock injections, which is why their exact components are not known for sure. Their safety is also still under study. Buttock injections are mostly chosen because they are less invasive as compared to the traditional buttock augmentation that makes use of implants. The advantage is that there are no large scars that result from buttock injection procedure. The safest substance that can be injected into the buttocks for augmentation is unquestionably the body’s own...
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29 Jul

How long before I see the results after the brazilian butt lift?

Many women prefer the Brazilian butt lift procedure because of the faux natural augmentation to their buttocks, and because the procedure doesn’t require large incisions. The procedure is done in two steps. The first step involves the liposuction procedure, which targets the excess fat in various areas of the body. In the next step, the fat will be reinserted into the patient’s buttocks from various sites to augment and reshape the buttocks.The procedure lasts for a couple of hours and some surgeons even discharge the patient right after the surgery. Prior to the surgery, patients should understand the extent of the augmentation afforded by the procedure. Patients should have a realistic expectation regarding the potential results in order to avoid...
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22 Jul

Can buttock augmentation be performed in association with other procedures?

Combo plastic surgery procedures have been developed on the premise that if the patient has made the decision to go under the knife, is ready to endure the recovery process, and is willing to invest in aesthetics enhancements, it makes sense to address other imperfections in a single surgical session. Instead of having the patient go for two different procedures at different times, surgeons are encouraging patients to opt for combo procedures to maximize outcomes and deliver more impressive results.As forewarning, understand that plastic surgery combo procedures are not as straightforward as they may sound. The decision to undergo combined procedures should be made carefully, because multiple undertaking procedures at one go equally increases the risks and side effects of...
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15 Jul

When is the best time to undergo a brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian butt lift procedure injects the patient’s own fat into the buttocks, thereby augmenting the buttocks. It is a less invasive procedure in comparison to other augmentations of the buttocks, and the process begins with liposuction. Fat from various parts of the body will be removed and purified until only fat cells remain before it is finally injected into the buttocks for the augmentation. The initial consultation with the surgeon should reveal if the patient has enough fat for the procedure.Despite less invasive nature of this procedure in comparison to other buttock augmentation procedures, patients still go through a recovery period. They need to avoid putting pressure on their buttocks via sitting to maximize the amount of fat cells...
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8 Jul

The importance of good skin quality in plastic surgery

Plastic surgery procedures can help alter different aspects of the body depending on the patient’s desired results. Even if the same procedure is done on different patients, the results won’t be exactly the same because there are multiple variables, which affect the final result.One of the factors that can affect the result of the plastic surgery is the skin quality of the patient. The skin quality affects the outcome or final results of the surgical procedure. Having good quality skin can change the entire outcome of the procedure.Some people may say that the quality of the patient’s skin is good when there is speedy recovery, and the resulting scars are tiny and not noticeable. Most surgical procedures would require an...
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27 May

Why do you need to stop taking birth control pills before your plastic surgery?

Nowadays, there are several types of plastic surgeries that can help a person significantly improve a problematic area in their body. Plastic surgeries are elective surgeries that people who are in a good state of health undergo. Surgery provides a solution to the problems that exercise and diets cannot properly address.If you are planning to do an elective plastic surgery, there is a recommended process. Make sure you have all the facts about the procedure you are seriously contemplating. Do your research. Get as much information online or from testimonials. The next step is having an initial consultation with the surgeon. In this consultation period, the surgeon will assess you to determine the right procedure that best fits your goals....
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6 May

What to expect after a brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian butt lift is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today. Not only is a rounder buttock produced by using the body’s own fat, it also helps slim down areas where excess fat can be found. By using the fat that comes from other parts of the body such as the abdomen or thighs, a slimmer waist is produced, further accentuating the roundness of the augmented buttocks. This is why the Brazilian butt lift is loved by many women all over the world.Patients who go for this kind of procedure should make sure they choose experienced and certified surgeons who are skilled to sculpt the body properly. Knowing what to expect after the procedure is also helpful for...
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16 Mar

How pressure affects your buttock results

One of the main things told to anybody who underwent a Brazilian buttock augmentation is to follow instructions and avoid sitting for about two weeks. Two weeks appears to be a long time, but there is a scientific reason behind this. For the first two weeks when the fat is transferred to the buttocks, this is the time where the body is actually going to either reabsorb the fat or allow the fat to be nourished with new blood supply. When the buttock augmentation is performed, in the first two weeks the fat transfer behaves as a graft. The graft is any tissue that does not have its own blood supply and relies initially for survival on the surrounding soft...
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16 Mar

Top heavy and buttock results

You will be surprised to know that the results of buttock augmentation on the hourglass shape also depends on the overall aesthetic and the balance between the torso on the lower part of your body. If you look at the hourglass shape and you look at the width of the shoulders, the top part tends to be smaller than the width of the buttock. If we draw a line through the torso and a line through the midline of the buttock, the buttock tends to be wider, this creates the illusion of having a small top that goes and curves in with a smaller waist and then out on the buttock area for the ultimate hourglass shape. This is important...
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15 Mar

Can I get 2000 cc of fat to each buttock

Augmenting any part of the body with an implant tends to be very predictable in terms of how big you are going to get in that specific anatomical area, like your breast. When it comes to injecting fat into any part of the body, this will require a more challenging surgical technique and an understanding of the factors related to fat survival and body contouring with the fat. Fat transfer to the buttock is very technique-dependent and when I say technique-dependent, it means that not every surgeon is going to get the same results. Just because one surgeon augmented the buttocks with a good result that does not mean that the surgeon next door will do the same job. There...
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14 Mar

The best technique for buttock augmentation

Augmenting any part of the body with an implant tends to be very predictable in terms of how big you are going to get in that specific anatomical area, like your breast. When it comes to injecting fat into any part of the body, this will require a more challenging surgical technique and an understanding of the factors related to fat survival and body contouring with the fat. Fat transfer to the buttock is very technique-dependent and when I say technique-dependent, it means that not every surgeon is going to get the same results. Just because one surgeon augmented the buttocks with a good result that does not mean that the surgeon next door will do the same job. There...
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13 Mar

Why her buttock is bigger

Patients routinely compare the results with their friends or a family who has a buttock done already and they want to look the same. The bottom line is, when it comes to surgical results on how big your buttock can get cannot be extrapolated to how big your friend's buttock was. If you compare two human beings, you will notice that everybody is different. Their skin anatomy, their fat distribution, their skin tightness, the level of projection, and the abdominal wall.Even some patients had surgery before while others have not had surgery before, so all these factors complement to create different types of body anatomy that allows different patients to have different results. When it comes to the buttock augmentation,...
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12 Mar

What is fat necrosis during fat transfer?

Necrosis is the death of a cell, cell formation, or organic tissue. Fat necrosis is a complication that can occur in the case of fat transfer to any part of the body. It can look like nodules under the surface of the skin, and can be subdued in time with massage. If the fat necrosis is on a bigger scale, surgical intervention might be needed, but this is only recommended in rare cases. Autologous fat transfer, also known as fat grafting, is a plastic surgery procedure used for breast reconstruction, buttock enhancement, and to give more volume to areas like the face, lips, chin, and even the backs of the hands. Different contour imperfections can be eliminated with the help...
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11 Mar

What is a silicone granulomas?

Any cosmetic surgery involves a risk of complications: for example, the aftereffects of anesthesia, infection, hardness and lumpiness, redness, bleeding, and pain. But the potential complications after any cosmetic surgery are nothing compared to the risk you run when choosing to have illegal silicone injections. The silicone gel used for black-market buttock enhancement injections is made of big tridimensional molecules in a network. This gel is injected into your muscular tissue. Once inside, it triggers the body’s defense mechanism, and the silicone gel will be gradually taken over by certain cells of the body named macrophages for transportation to the regional lymphatic nodules. Through this process, a granuloma can form around a small quantity of silicone that leaks. These can...
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10 Mar

The v-shaped buttock

We are going to talk about how the V-shape is the most surgically challenging of the different shapes. Again, let’s imagine a the diagram. A line on top of the buttocks, one at the middle, and one on the bottom. Connect these three lines, and we can see that a V-shaped is formed. In order for you to understand why the V-shaped buttock is such a difficult shape to fix, let’s say, for example, that I want to change a V-shaped into an A shape or hourglass shape; these are the two shapes that I like the most because they give the most impressive results and sexy figure. So, changing the V-shape into an A shape is an 180-degree change...
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9 Mar

The risks of silicone butt implants

When it comes to silicone butt implants, only highly specialized and experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeons can carry out the procedure because the risks and potential complications are real. The procedure involves two major, sensitive functions: sculpting and placement of solid silicone implants. These functions have to be performed with precision and care in order to avert the possible complications involved in the procedure. All types of surgeries involve risks, but when it comes to silicone butt implants, make sure to discuss in detail with your plastic surgeon the risks involved in the surgery. The first risk of silicone butt implants comes from the type of sedation used during the surgery. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, meaning that...
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28 Nov

What to expect after a buttock enhancement procedure

Buttock enhancement will give you better, bigger, and more youthful-looking buttocks. You can also expect the procedure to make your waistline and thighs look smaller and perfectly fit with the size and shape of your buttocks. With an enhanced butt, your clothes will fit you well, and you will get an improved figure. You will also appear younger, and your self-esteem will receive a boost. Now, let’s discuss what to expect right after the surgery and during the weeks and months to follow. After your surgeon completes your buttock enhancement procedure, you’ll be kept in a recovery room where your health will be monitored. After you come out of the effects of the anesthesia, you’ll be shifted to your ward or...
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14 Nov

Revision of brazilian butt lift

My surgical plan is to perform liposuction on the abdomen, flanks, and sides of the upper and lower back. In addition, I have to recreate the gluteal triangle by performing liposuction on the lower back and on the sides and top of the buttock to decrease the width of the buttock in the superior area, and then inject fat in the midline inferior aspect to reshape the back profile. In addition, fat needed to be injected in the central aspect of the buttock to decrease the width of the buttock and improve the projection. I also performed fat transfer to the hips and changed the perception of having high hips through liposuction of the hip superiorly and transferring fat to...
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7 Nov

Hyperpigmentation of scars after buttock augmentation

Sometimes your body’s natural process may overreact and generate hyperpigmented scars, which have the potential to create emotional distress for you. They can act as a permanent reminder of the buttock augmentation procedure for you. Hyperpigmentation is a darkening of the skin around the surgical site. The condition occurs due to the overproduction of a skin pigment called melanin. Even though it is a physically harmless condition, it can become a source of emotional pain and stress for the patient. It is also important to note that scars left by buttock augmentation can become hyperpigmented, and your skin color will change permanently unless vigorously treated. If you have hyperpigmented scars and don’t like those ugly, dark marks, you should seek...
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