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Butt Augmentation in Houston

There is a growing interest in gluteal enhancement worldwide. Every year, the patients’ demand for this procedure has increased in my practice. There are many different procedures that can be performed to enhance the gluteal area all of which aim to achieve a better contour and nicer shape. In general, there are three major procedures for reshaping the gluteal area:

  1. Fat transfer (Brazilian butt lift)
  2. Butt implants
  3. Buttock lifting

The specific procedure used to enhance a patient’s buttocks will depend on the amount of projection desired, the quality and tone of the skin, the overall shape of the buttocks, and the amount of sagginess among others.

The most versatile procedure to transform such part of the body is the fat transfer or what is commonly known as the Brazilian butt lift. This procedure can be used to change the buttocks any way the patient wants. It helps increase the harmony of the buttocks to the waist ratio and their projection to the desired proportion. Not everybody is a good candidate for this procedure. If you have significant sagginess of your buttocks and/or your skin tone is poor, then, this procedure will not be able to lift your buttocks to the right level to achieve an acceptable outcome.

Performing buttock implants is an additional option that mainly increases the buttock‘s projection but does not necessarily shape the hips; it needs to be combined with liposuction and fat transfer to achieve the best results. However, like fat transfer, if you have significant flabby buttocks with excessive skin, then, this technique by itself will not correct this kind of deformity.

Finally, traditional excisional buttock lifting techniques can solve a wide range of problems associated with significant deformity secondary to excessive skin. In this particular procedure, reshaping is performed by rearranging the buttock’s soft tissue in such a way that it will have a better projection and will achor the soft tissue to help achieve long lasting results.

Just like the breasts, there are buttocks of different forms and shapes. The specific procedure to be used will be determined during your consultation with the surgeon. In order to achieve satisfying results, attention to detail and choosing the right procedure are among the first steps to accomplish the task of creating a beautiful buttock.

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