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1 Feb

Butt implants surgery

The problem with some women who are considering buttock augmentation is when their misconceptions are not corrected prior to surgery. This will make them create unrealistic expectations. When this happens, disappointment may arise especially if the patient’s expectations are not fully met. So before you go through the procedure, you have to be aware of what the procedure is all about, how it is done, what are the complications that may arise, what you should expect regarding the surgery and many more.

There is a huge misconception of the role of buttock augmentation with implants and how this is going to result in an hourglass shape. You have to take note that buttock augmentation with implants would only provide you projection. If you are a patient without a buttock shape, you have to accept that the implant, itself, will not provide you with an A shape or hourglass shape in just a snap of a finger. So how is the buttock implant performed? Simply, the implant is placed in an intramuscular plane. Subsequently, liposuction is performed in all these areas including the gluteal triangle and the lower back, as well as fat transfer to the lateral aesthetic unit and inferior aesthetic unit, as well as superiorly.

When the implant is placed, it will enhance whatever buttocks you have. Sometimes, you have more fat in the bottom part than on the top part and this is where fat transfer comes in handy because the implant is not going to create an equal distribution of the fat for a good result. This is the main reason why fat is injected in the superior, lateral, and inferior part of the buttocks. As a result, palpability and visibility of the implant will be decreased. Aside from this, it will blend the entire aesthetic unit with the central aesthetic unit for a very nice result.

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