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Butt Implants in Houston

Butt Implants

Butt implants is one of the most underrated procedures used to augment the buttocks. This is actually a good option for those patients who are only looking for an improvement in the amount of projection of the buttocks. This procedure tends to have a higher rate of complications as compared to other buttock enhancement procedures. Every time any implant is placed in the body, the soft tissue dynamics is unpredictable. This is also a problem with breast implants, and it is not an inherently negative quality of buttock implants. There is no doubt that the rate of infection and implant exposure is higher with butt implants due to the proximity of the anus. Regardless, a very well executed butt augmentation with implants can have very satisfying results.

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One important thing to consider is that butt implants are very different from breast implants in terms of feel, texture, and consistency. The butt implants are made of a soft solid silicone, which is very different from silicone gel implants. Such soft implants are placed into each buttock area through an incision hidden in the intergluteal fold and are positioned to look as natural as possible for an optimal cosmetic effect.

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