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18 Jan

Skin Condition And Buttock Augmentation

Skin Condition And Buttock Augmentation Big, round, large buttocks? No longer a dream, but a reality with the help of a butt augmentation procedure. The surgery is safe, efficient and commonly performed nowadays all over the United States. Moreover, butt augmentation can be performed using three different surgical plans: silicone butt implants, fat transfer, and a combination of the first two procedures.The first step in getting the butt of your dreams is seeing a talented, board-certified plastic surgeon for a pre-operative consultation. During this consultation, the plastic surgeon will discuss about the details of the procedure, your medical history, your current health and emotional condition, and a medical examination.The medical examination is important in developing the treatment plan that will deliver...
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15 Jan

Pain And Scars After Butt Lipofilling

Pain And Scars After Butt Lipofilling Scarring is a natural consequence of undergoing surgery. Even when it comes to plastic surgery, scars are unavoidable. However, some procedures are associated with large scars while others leave behind almost insignificant scarring.It is important to know that whatever the procedure might be, the scars left behind by plastic surgery don’t disappear with time. Many patients ask when they will get rid of the scars after the procedure. The reality is that the scars will always be present, but if the cicatrization process goes smoothly and uneventful and if the plastic surgeon is talented and experienced, chances are your scars will be very difficult to notice.A popular procedure nowadays is butt lipofilling. It entails the...
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14 Jan

Fat Transfer To The Buttocks And Cellulite

Fat Transfer To The Buttocks And Cellulite Cellulite is a skin condition that affects mostly women of different ages. If up until a few years ago it was believed that cellulite and stretch marks are the signs of a skin that has lost tonus and elasticity due to the natural aging process, nowadays this myth was busted as we can see cellulite and stretch marks even in teenagers.Not all areas of the body are affected by cellulite, or at least not in the same manner. For example, we rarely see cellulite on the breasts, but it is very common for the condition to be present in the buttocks. Actually, chances are you have seen a woman in leggings or some light...
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4 Jan

When Can I Shower After A Brazilian Butt Lift?

When Can I Shower After A Brazilian Butt Lift? IntroductionThe Brazilian butt lift, also known as the fat transfer to the butt, is a plastic surgery procedure to enhance the buttocks. As a result of the shapelier booty trend, tens of thousands of women are undergoing BBL each year to achieve the butt of their dreams. The procedure involves the use of your own body fat to enhance your backside.The Brazilian butt lift is a major operation. It involves the use of liposuction to remove the excess fat from your body, which is then transferred to the butt via needle. The recovery process after the BBL is critical to achieving the desired goals. One of the common questions patients ask after...
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3 Jan

How Painful Is It To Undergo Butt Enhancement Surgery?

How Painful Is It To Undergo Butt Enhancement Surgery? One of the common concerns of patients considering butt enhancement surgery is whether they would experience pain and discomfort after the procedure. Butt enhancement surgeries like butt implants, butt reduction, and butt lift are highly invasive procedures because they involve incisions, tampering with the tissue and muscles, and skin removal or insertion of implants in the butt. As a result, patients will experience some degree of pain and discomfort after the procedure.When the body experiences trauma, it takes action to let you know that something is not right by giving you pain and discomfort. Since butt enhancement surgery involves surgical trauma and incisions that injure your skin, nerves, muscles, and tissues, your...
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3 Jan

Butt Augmentation Incisions

Butt augmentation incisionsIf you ever thought about augmenting your buttocks, the first thing that came to your mind was probably the placement of your incisions. Scars are a major concern for patients undergoing butt enhancement procedures, as the area around the buttocks entails certain risks and complications. An experienced plastic surgeon will try to hide the scars in areas that are more likely to be covered by your underwear or swimwear. There are two types of buttock augmentation, and they are differentiated by the procedure used. You can either enhance your volume using implants or by having a fat transfer if your body has sufficient fat deposits that can be harvested. Assuming that your surgeon can augment your buttocks using your own...
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1 Dec

How many times per year can you have general anesthesia?

For people considering undergoing multiple plastic surgery interventions, general anesthesia can be a concern. As serious problems can be associated with general anesthesia, this may confuse the person whether to undergo a scheduled plan or not.To confirm how often you should go under general anesthesia can be questionable as the answer may vary according to your overall health and postoperative condition. Your surgeon’s opinion is surely a far better way to plan your next surgical procedure. It is important to have an idea on the recommended and approximated waiting time in between surgical procedures. What are the factors in undergoing general anesthesia? Many factors play a key role in making the final decision and recommendation. The surgeon evaluates the patient and determines...
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24 Nov

How long is it safe to be under general anesthesia?

The majority of patients undergoing cosmetic surgeries are very curious and worried about general anesthesia. Especially for those who have never experienced general anesthesia before, it is natural to want to know more about its risks, side effects, and most importantly, its recovery time.The risks and complications associated with general anesthesia are significant if not given enough attention. Age, medical history, and pre-operative complications also increase the likelihood of pitfalls linked with general anesthesia. General anesthesia and how it works Anesthesia is an essential procedure done right before undergoing surgery to let the patient become unconscious, unaware, and unable to experience the pain. General anesthesia is a combination of inhaled gases (anesthetics) and intravenous drugs. In fact, it is more than just...
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17 Nov

How long before surgery should I stop smoking?

While planning a plastic surgery, most of us would get scared and even get panic attacks thinking about what could happen and what consequences it has on us. So, to deal with the stress, we get the help from cigarettes and smoke heavily. While it may look like smoking has no connection with surgery, the truth is that it has a very strong association in just not merely triggering post-surgical complications, but also making the surgical procedure much more difficult.Surgeons often ask questions related to smoking so they can give suggestions accordingly. Quitting smoking prior to surgery is extremely important to prevent the deleterious effects on our body cells. Of course, it also depends on the chosen surgical procedure.Cigarettes are...
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10 Nov

Can I use arnica gel after plastic surgery?

Deciding to get plastic surgery done is a worthwhile step towards improving your overall appearance. While enrolling for this procedure you may feel more satisfied and excited, but it may also give some swelling, bruising, or even pain after surgery. Along with the doctor’s prescription, you should take several effective measures and opt for special care to decrease the potential risks and post-surgical complications.Many options are available to reduce the complications. But when it comes to long-term and a wide range of effects, Arnica is surely the best herbal medicine, used to get the fastest recovery and outstanding results. Before going through with further details, know its basics first. What is Arnica? Its botanical name is Arnica Montana, and it is enriched...
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