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Category: Brazilian Butt Augmentation

8 Jun

Unrealistic expectations from butt augmentation surgery

Unrealistic expectations from butt augmentation surgery IntroductionWomen with sensuous and prominent booties are always at the center of attention these days because they meet modern-day beauty standards and look more feminine and sexier. But the fact is that not all women get shapelier and bigger buttocks innately. Many women have smaller and poorly shaped buttocks, which often becomes a cause of concern because it affects their body image and self-confidence. Furthermore, the condition keeps them from meeting modern beauty standards.Buttock augmentation is one of the most well-known and practical options for women to enhance their derriere and look more feminine and sexier. The surgery involves the use of artificial implants or your body fat to help you achieve the buttocks of...
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1 Jun

Medication to avoid before butt augmentation surgery

Medication to avoid before butt augmentation surgery The only safe and efficient method to get a bigger butt nowadays is with the help of plastic surgery. Physical exercises can only do so much for you, and it will require intensive efforts and time. With the help of a butt augmentation procedure, you can practically get the buttocks of your dreams within hours.Butt augmentation can be performed in two ways: using implants or fat cells that come from other areas of the patient’s body that have an excess of adipose tissue. The procedures follow a different surgical plan and deliver results that can’t be compared. However, there are some things that are the same for both procedures, and one of them is...
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13 Mar

Will the butt look natural and feel natural after BBL?

Will the butt look natural and feel natural after BBL? IntroductionNowadays most people are concerned with the appearance of their rear end. It is not only about the size, but also the shape and projection of the buttocks. There are a few methods that allow for butt remodeling, and none of them provide long-lasting or immediate results. Plastic surgery is actually the only safe and effective solution for bigger, rounder, perkier buttocks that can last over time. The butt remodeling procedures offered by plastic surgery target both male and female patients who are preoccupied with having rounder buttocks and a more harmonious body shape. It is important to know that buttocks are just like breasts, which are important symbols of sex...
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7 Mar

Butt fillers for thin patients

Butt fillers for thin patients Filler substances are commonly used nowadays to correct imperfections on the face such as wrinkles, among other things. Also, a special filler substance is commonly used on the body to sculpt the silhouette into a more appealing shape. For the body, the filler that we are talking about is not a foreign substance but the patient’s own fat cells that are extracted from different areas of the body with the help of liposuction. The procedure of using fat as a filler to increase the volume of certain features of the body and remodel the shape is called lipofilling, and it is very popular nowadays.Many patients desiring to increase the size of the buttocks ask what are...
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26 Feb

What to eat after butt augmentation surgery

Buttock augmentation surgery can be performed using two methods that are very different from each other and deliver significantly different results. One method that can be performed is the butt implant surgery, and the other is fat transfer to the buttocks. When fat transfer is performed, the procedure begins with liposuction on the donor areas, purification of the fat cells collected, and in the last stage, the reinjection of the pure fat into the buttocks via special syringes.When butt implant surgery is performed, the plastic surgeon will create incisions on the butt cheeks positioned in the intra gluteal fold. Using these incisions, the implants are inserted into pockets created inside the muscles of the butt or under these muscles. The...
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19 Feb

Bigger butts with fat grafting

Most of us dream of having bigger buttocks. When do we want them? Preferably right now. How do we want them? Completely natural looking! Is this possible? Some might laugh at this idea, but the reality is that this is no longer impossible since fat grafting procedures have been developed. The fat grafting procedure is also known under the name of fat transfer or lipofilling. What actually happens when this procedure is performed is that the plastic surgeon will use the patient’s own fat cells to increase the size of the buttocks and create a better shape and definition of the rear end.Bigger buttocks are possible with the help of fat grafting. Moreover, the procedure is completely safe and can...
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4 Jan

When Can I Shower After A Brazilian Butt Lift?

When Can I Shower After A Brazilian Butt Lift? IntroductionThe Brazilian butt lift, also known as the fat transfer to the butt, is a plastic surgery procedure to enhance the buttocks. As a result of the shapelier booty trend, tens of thousands of women are undergoing BBL each year to achieve the butt of their dreams. The procedure involves the use of your own body fat to enhance your backside.The Brazilian butt lift is a major operation. It involves the use of liposuction to remove the excess fat from your body, which is then transferred to the butt via needle. The recovery process after the BBL is critical to achieving the desired goals. One of the common questions patients ask after...
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29 Jul

How long before I see the results after the brazilian butt lift?

Many women prefer the Brazilian butt lift procedure because of the faux natural augmentation to their buttocks, and because the procedure doesn’t require large incisions. The procedure is done in two steps. The first step involves the liposuction procedure, which targets the excess fat in various areas of the body. In the next step, the fat will be reinserted into the patient’s buttocks from various sites to augment and reshape the buttocks.The procedure lasts for a couple of hours and some surgeons even discharge the patient right after the surgery. Prior to the surgery, patients should understand the extent of the augmentation afforded by the procedure. Patients should have a realistic expectation regarding the potential results in order to avoid...
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15 Jul

When is the best time to undergo a brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian butt lift procedure injects the patient’s own fat into the buttocks, thereby augmenting the buttocks. It is a less invasive procedure in comparison to other augmentations of the buttocks, and the process begins with liposuction. Fat from various parts of the body will be removed and purified until only fat cells remain before it is finally injected into the buttocks for the augmentation. The initial consultation with the surgeon should reveal if the patient has enough fat for the procedure.Despite less invasive nature of this procedure in comparison to other buttock augmentation procedures, patients still go through a recovery period. They need to avoid putting pressure on their buttocks via sitting to maximize the amount of fat cells...
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8 Jul

The importance of good skin quality in plastic surgery

Plastic surgery procedures can help alter different aspects of the body depending on the patient’s desired results. Even if the same procedure is done on different patients, the results won’t be exactly the same because there are multiple variables, which affect the final result.One of the factors that can affect the result of the plastic surgery is the skin quality of the patient. The skin quality affects the outcome or final results of the surgical procedure. Having good quality skin can change the entire outcome of the procedure.Some people may say that the quality of the patient’s skin is good when there is speedy recovery, and the resulting scars are tiny and not noticeable. Most surgical procedures would require an...
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