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Category: Brazilian Butt Augmentation

14 Jun

Pain after buttock augmentation

As soon as the anesthetic wears off after the buttock augmentation surgery is performed, the patient will be able to communicate After this period is over, the patient will feel tension in the area where the surgery was performed that will last 24 to 48 hours. It is possible also to feel some pain during this time, but the intensity will be reduced and easily controlled by medication. It is recommended that the patient have someone to pick him or her up from the clinic, and the medical staff will provide a list of prescribed medications as well as a list of instructions to follow once they get back home. The first days at home can be hard due to the...
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8 Jun

How to prepare for buttock enhancement

The number of women wanting to enhance their behinds has never been so high, thanks to the trends set by celebrities like Your plastic surgeon will assess your health, expectations, and goals to see if you qualify for the buttock enhancement procedure. Your preparation for the procedure starts with realistic expectations. Also, you should not go under the knife only to please someone else; the decision to pursue buttock enhancement should be your own. If you are a smoker, you should stop smoking at least five to seven weeks before the procedure because smoking can hinder your body Remember, preparation is the key when it comes to getting excellent results from the buttock enhancement procedure. Before the surgery, ask your plastic surgeon...
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18 Jan

Traditional butt lift vs. Brazilian butt lift

When the hot weather rolls around, we all start thinking about the shape our bodies are in more and more. But having a great looking backside isn’t just good to have for bikinis and shorts - it looks great all year round! Whether in jeans or dresses, pencil skirts or pants, a great looking bottom can change the way your entire figure looks! But when considering having a butt-lift procedure done, you may want to consider a Brazilian Lift as well - so what’s the difference? And how do you know which is right for you and your body?The ProceduresIn a traditional butt-lift procedure, the butt is actually physically ‘lifted’ by your surgeon. An incision is made in a certain...
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4 Nov

Fat transfer for buttocks augmentation part 1

Understanding what fat is and how it behaves is of paramount importance to understand the fat transfer procedure to sculpt any part of the body including the buttocks. Adipose tissue or fat tissue is composed of fat cells and a tissue called connective tissue that holds them in place. These fat cells contain lipids and this is what gives the fat cells the yellow color.  Fat cells can grow as big as 120 microns as a person gains weight. To put this on perspective, a human hair is typically between 40 to 120 microns.  In other words,  fat cells can get pretty large.A large aggregate of fat cells with connective and its blood supply form two layers throughout the body....
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4 Nov

Fat transfer for buttocks augmentation part 2

Each human being has a stable weight, which is controlled by hormones, biologic feedbacks, and metabolic rate, among other things. If you gain weight to a moderate obesity of 20 - 40 kg of body fat, the fat cells  actually get bigger, which is called hypertrophy. The absolute number of fat cells remains constant, which is called hypertrophic adipose deposition. Now, as you gain weight in excess of 40 kg of body fat, there is a point where the fat cell cannot get bigger and a process is triggered that forms new cells. This is called hyperplasia adipose deposition, which results in an increase of the actual number of fat cells.The hyperplasia phenomenon is seen routinely in many of my patients....
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23 Sep

Brazilian butt lift and buttock tone

The tone of the buttock depends on various factors including:Skin tone Fat Gluteus musclePatients with loose skin have less tone than patients with good tight skin. There is an attachment between the gluteus muscle and the skin that provides the structural support for the skin and the fat. With time, this becomes loose and your butt will drop just like your breasts. In general, this is why younger females do not have  cellulite and their butts are firmer because the attachments to the buttock are in good shape and condition at this point of their life. Injecting fat into the buttocks increases the tone and lifts the buttocks. It is like inflating a balloon.  Now, if you have significant loose skin, then,...
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20 Sep

Brazilian butt lift and jet liposuction

Jet liposuction (Water assisted liposuction) is a new liposuction machine designed to simply wash the fat away with a gentle fluid spray. It is considered a newer liposuction technique. There is a study from Germany that showed that such form of liposuction provides a very good fat harvest and the survival of the fat stays very good after being transferred. The key for a successful Brazilian butt augmentation is based on the experience in harvesting the fat, the technique used, and the fat transfer protocol. In addition, there are many lipo machines used to harvest the fat. If planning to harvest fat, it needs to be done with a technology that does not damage the fat during the process. The...
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13 Sep

Brazilian buttock lift aftercare

The after care for a Brazilian butt lift is as important as the surgery itself. Here are a few caveats and for a successful surgery:No sitting for about 2 weeks. This is very important because prolonged sitting will damage the fat. The fat behaves as a graft (no blood supply) during the first few weeks. Once the fat develops its own blood supply, then, sitting will be recommended. Walk and stretch your legs. You need to move, move, move… This will help to decrease the risk of developing clots. Take ibuprofen 400mg by mouth every 6 hrs around the clock. Do buttock stretching exercises. This will help with your recovery.  Wear your girdle at all time. You can remove it to take a...
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28 Aug

Brazilian butt lift and traveling

Many of my patients come from other parts of the country and this is a common question they ask. The post operative instructions are as important as the surgery itself.  Remember that the fat that has been processed and reinjected into the buttock behaves as a graft for the first two weeks. This means that the fat is nourished by its surrounding soft tissue, and it does not have its own blood supply yet. The fat needs to be handled with care and prolonged pressure by sitting after surgery can have a detrimental effect on the fat survival.If you have to travel after surgery, I recommend that you stay in the area where you had your surgery for at least...
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9 Aug

Reshaping the body with liposuction

In the , my patients frequently want to reshape or contour the stubborn areas of the inner thighs, outer thighs, and waist. Liposuction is a very good option, if used properly to enhance and balance the waist to hip ratio. The key for successful results is, not only to remove the excessive fat,  but to balance your figure based on your overall proportions.The ratio of an aesthetically beautiful female figure is a waist to hip ratio of about 0.7. In other words, liposuction is, not just the removal of fat from unwanted areas, but also creating the illusion of a more proportionate body. This is very important in gluteal sculpting were aggressive liposuction of the lower back accentuates the take...
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