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Category: Brazilian Butt Lift

13 Mar

Will the butt look natural and feel natural after BBL?

Will the butt look natural and feel natural after BBL? IntroductionNowadays most people are concerned with the appearance of their rear end. It is not only about the size, but also the shape and projection of the buttocks. There are a few methods that allow for butt remodeling, and none of them provide long-lasting or immediate results. Plastic surgery is actually the only safe and effective solution for bigger, rounder, perkier buttocks that can last over time. The butt remodeling procedures offered by plastic surgery target both male and female patients who are preoccupied with having rounder buttocks and a more harmonious body shape. It is important to know that buttocks are just like breasts, which are important symbols of sex...
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3 Mar

Increasing butt size progressively with fat grafting

Increasing butt size progressively with fat grafting IntroductionNowadays, plastic surgery offers different methods for patients interested in improving the shape of their body or increasing the volume of different features. Becoming increasingly popular nowadays are fat transfer procedures that allow a remodeling of the body by removing fat from areas where there is an excess and adding it to areas that could use a little boost of volume. The butt is one of the areas of the body that can successfully be addressed with the fat grafting procedure. The reality is that more and more people are showing off their beautifully contoured, bigger buttocks that are actually created with the help of a talented plastic surgeon and the fat transfer procedure....
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6 May

What to expect after a brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian butt lift is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today. Not only is a rounder buttock produced by using the body’s own fat, it also helps slim down areas where excess fat can be found. By using the fat that comes from other parts of the body such as the abdomen or thighs, a slimmer waist is produced, further accentuating the roundness of the augmented buttocks. This is why the Brazilian butt lift is loved by many women all over the world.Patients who go for this kind of procedure should make sure they choose experienced and certified surgeons who are skilled to sculpt the body properly. Knowing what to expect after the procedure is also helpful for...
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14 Nov

Revision of brazilian butt lift

My surgical plan is to perform liposuction on the abdomen, flanks, and sides of the upper and lower back. In addition, I have to recreate the gluteal triangle by performing liposuction on the lower back and on the sides and top of the buttock to decrease the width of the buttock in the superior area, and then inject fat in the midline inferior aspect to reshape the back profile. In addition, fat needed to be injected in the central aspect of the buttock to decrease the width of the buttock and improve the projection. I also performed fat transfer to the hips and changed the perception of having high hips through liposuction of the hip superiorly and transferring fat to...
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29 Sep

Expectation after a brazilian butt lift

Performing the Brazilian buttock augmentation is the easy part of the process: liposuction is performed on multiple areas; then, the fat is injected into the buttocks in multiple passes for projection and to create an hourglass shape. The hard part is for the patient to understand what can realistically be accomplished with the procedure. You need to understand how big your buttocks will get after surgery and what type of shape you will get. When it comes to buttock projection, it seems like everybody wants to have extremely large buttocks, but realistically, how big they can get depends on factors like your anatomy, the amount of fat, and your muscles, among other things. The shape you get also depends on...
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22 Sep

Buttock implant recovery

During your buttock augmentation recovery period, you must take enough rest to heal properly and quickly. Most patients take around two weeks off work. Most patients are told to remain continuously in bed for the first 24 hours after the procedure.You can take limited walks from the second day; however, you should not sit down or sleep on your back for at least two weeks. When your plastic surgeon finally allows you to sit down, you must sit on a soft cushion for at two months. Even though many patients recover enough within a week to resume work, it is recommended that you allow your buttocks at least nine days to heal before returning to work. If you have a desk job...
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15 Sep

Brazilian butt lift projection

Brazilian butt lift projection is defined as how much your buttocks are going to stick out and how big they are going to get after any buttock enhancement The most important factor in how large your butt is going to get is actually the skin tone. What is the skin tone? The skin tone is how tight your skin is before surgery. You will notice that there are a variety of skin tones in any given patient. The younger you are, the tighter your buttocks are. If your buttock is very tight and your skin is very tight, you are not going to get as much projection as somebody with a looser skin tone. Why is this? Essentially, think about your...
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22 Jun

How the fat is processed before injecting into the buttocks during a brazilian butt lift

When the Brazilian buttock augmentation is performed, fat is removed with liposuction, and this fat needs to be collected in sterile canisters prior to injection. The literature shows different ways When I perform this procedure, once the fat is collected in the sterile canisters, it is first decanted; in other words, most of the fluid will settle at the bottom of the canister, and this fluid can be removed by opening a valve in the canister. However, this is not enough. I have been able to determine that after decanting you still have about 40-50% of fluid mixed with the fat, and this is not good. If I inject this fat thinking that most of the fluid is gone, your...
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26 Apr

Brazilian butt lift buttock shapes

When it comes to buttock augmentation, one of the important things to get The soft-tissue envelope surrounding the muscle of the buttocks and the body structure determine the shape of the buttocks. During the consultation, the surgeon assesses the buttock shape by measuring the width of the buttocks at the top, in the middle, and at the bottom. This is very important because ultimately the only thing that the surgeon can control is the removal or addition of fat in different areas. If you have V-shaped, square, or round buttocks, each will require different sets of surgical techniques to get a better outcome. In addition, assessing the skin tone is crucial to set expectations and also for the surgeon to determine...
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15 Feb

Hitting two birds with one stone via fat transfer

Fat transfer primarily involves the removal of excess fat in a certain part of the body and transplanting it to another part to enhance and improve its appearance. The Brazilian butt lift surgery is an extremely popular procedure that utilizes fat transfer. Initially, liposuction is employed to harvest fat from undesirable areas such as the abdomen and thighs. The fat is then processed and purified and re-injected into the buttocks. The end result is akin to hitting two birds with one stone — a flatter midsection or leaner thighs and a curvier behind! Apart from its multiple benefits, the Brazilian butt lift’s popularity can also be attributed to it being more natural that its silicone counterparts. Silicone implants used to be...
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