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Category: Butt augmentation with liquid silicone

9 Aug

Buttock liquid silicone injections part 3 – fda approved liquid silicone

Silicone does have a role in the medical field. Silicone is used in surgical dressing, implants, and ointments for scar treatment. In addition, the FDA approved liquid silicone in 1994 for the management of retinal detachment caused by a cytomegalovirus in patients suffering of AIDS.  In 1997, the first commercial formulation using liquid silicone was approved by the FDA under the name of ). Subsequently, in 2001, the FDA approved another commercial formulation called Adatosil 5000 (Baush and Lamb) for the same ophthalmologic indications.If the FDA approved the liquid silicone, it must me safe to use it anywhere? Sign me on! Not so fast. According to Alcon USA, Silikon 1000 and Adatosil are indicated for use as a prolonged retinal...
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7 Aug

Buttock liquid silicone injections part 2 – mechanism of reaction

Any foreign body or device that is introduced in the body will create an inflammatory reaction. This is the way our immune system protects us from anything that it does not recognize. Liquid silicone is not an exception to this rule. Silicone injection can create inflammatory nidus, sinuses or fistulas, and granulomas that can be extremely painful.When silicone is injected in the buttock, breasts, or any part of the body, a cell called a macrophage interacts with the silicone starting an inflammatory response. This chronic inflammation results in a mass of chronically inflamed tissue with very specific microscopic characteristics. This inflammation, not only occurs locally, but because liquid silicone is known to migrate,it can affect other parts of the body....
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5 Aug

Buttock liquid silicone injections part 1 – understanding liquid silicone.

I am seeing an increasing number of patients that comes to my clinic with concerns about butt injection with fillers including silicone. I have also seen patient with silicone penis injection and silicone breast injections. Silicone is one of those fillers that appear to be increasing in use for the purpose of buttock augmentation. In the next few blogs I will discuss the properties of silicone, it mechanism of action and the impact it has in the body.In order to understand the role of silicone in soft tissue augmentation there are some basic concepts that are important to realize. Silicone oil by definition is any oil composed of polymers with different molecular weight of polydimethylsiloxane.  Silicone with different length of...
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