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Category: Butt Augmentation

24 Mar

What to have in mind before scheduling your butt augmentation

What to have in mind before scheduling your butt augmentation Up until a few years ago, women were worried about having a butt that was too large, and nowadays the main concern is not having buttocks large enough. Modern day celebrities show off rear ends that are alluring, curvaceous, and rather large, so the big booty has fast become mainstream. Also, there are numerous studies showing that women with big breasts and hips tend to be seen as more fertile and hence have more appeal to men. Plastic surgery offers two methods for butt augmentation, both very effective and safe for the patient. Butt augmentation with implants uses gluteal implants made out of silicone to add more volume, while fat transfer will...
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3 Mar

More or less cellulite on the butt after fat transfer?

More or less cellulite on the butt after fat transfer? These last decades have certainly been under the sign of the big booty. Men and women alike are interested nowadays in getting bigger, rounder, more alluring buttocks. While physical exercise can certainly help you tone the rear end, this doesn’t necessarily translate into a bigger butt. The only reliable method to get a butt with more volume is with the help of plastic surgery. We have two methods available that can help you achieve the buttocks of your dreams: one uses external prostheses called gluteal implants and the other uses the patient’s own fat cells that are harvested from areas of the body where there is unwanted adipose tissue. While butt implants are...
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21 Feb

How increased is the risk of developing an infection after butt augmentation?

How increased is the risk of developing an infection after butt augmentation? The butt augmentation procedure is very sought after nowadays as both men and women are looking for efficient and long-term solutions to increase the size of their buttocks. A larger behind is a symbol of sex appeal, and men and women alike can feel frustrated and not sexy enough when they are not happy with how their butt looks. Patients resorting to plastic surgery to enhance their buttocks talk about the joys of having the butt of their dreams after years of struggling with dissatisfaction. We now perform two buttock augmentation procedures via implants and lipofilling. Butt implant surgery uses gluteal implants made out of a highly cohesive silicone gel...
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8 Feb

Gaining weight after a butt augmentation with fat

Gaining weight after a butt augmentation with fat More and more patients nowadays are resorting to plastic surgery to correct the negative effects of weight fluctuations on the body. There is no doubt that considerable weight fluctuations are responsible for considerable alterations of the beautiful appearance of the body, starting with the face and affecting the whole body. Weight fluctuations can cause breast ptosis and skin sagginess on the arms, tummy, and thighs. Moreover, the buttocks can also lose its beautiful shape and become saggy and even smaller. There are multiple ways in which weight fluctuations affect us, and not only from a physical point of view. Studies show that even our moral and emotional condition is affected by weight gain...
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30 Dec

Non-surgical butt augmentation methods – do they work?

Non-surgical butt augmentation methods – do they work? Nowadays people are interested in looking their best and even resort to plastic surgery for this. But if a few decades ago the results achieved with plastic surgery were visible, now patients and plastic surgeons alike are more interested in achieving results that look and feel completely natural. The buttocks area is one of the utmost interests for both men and women in modern society. The buttocks are a symbol of sex appeal, so men and women alike want to correct the imperfections of the buttocks such as sagginess and small butts. Before resorting to plastic surgery interventions such as the butt implants surgery, they often try other, non-surgical methods. The natural method that patients...
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8 Dec

Bigger and more contoured buttocks with plastic surgery

Bigger and more contoured buttocks with plastic surgery Plastic surgery is frequently used nowadays to enhance the appearance of different parts of the body, especially the breasts and buttocks. While the breasts have always been considered a symbol of femininity and sex appeal and many women have wanted to get bigger breasts since forever, the fascination with buttocks is new, but certainly here to stay. It is not only women who want better contoured, larger buttocks, but men also. A butt that is proportionate to the rest of the patient’s anatomy and without imperfections such as being saggy and flat is considered sexy and desirable. So there is no wonder why so many buttock procedures are performed every day all around...
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30 Nov

How to avoid the death of fat cells after butt augmentation with fat

How to avoid the death of fat cells after butt augmentation with fat IntroductionFemales are incredibly conscious when it comes to the aesthetic features of the butt. Cosmetic flaws and shortcomings in the buttocks can affect the self-esteem of women. To appear aesthetically welcoming, curvaceous, and sensual, you need to have shapelier, projected, fuller, and smooth buttocks. If your buttocks lack projection and shape and the condition is affecting your self-esteem and quality of life, you may consider getting buttock augmentation with fat.Buttock augmentation with fat is a common and effective plastic surgery procedure that uses the extra fat existing your body to enhance your buttocks. After the surgery, your butt will look fuller, shapelier, and projected. Despite being effective, there...
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23 Nov

3 Essential questions before fat grafting to the butt

3 Essential questions before fat grafting to the butt Fat grafting procedures are new to the scene of plastic surgery. However, they have seen a considerable rise in demand over the last few years. There is a simple explanation behind their increasing popularity: they provide spectacular results using just the patient’s own fat tissue. In other words, with the help of fat grafting, we can get rid of fat from areas where we don’t want them and move them to areas where we would like more volume. It sounds very much like a dream come true, and the development of this procedure has been on the minds of plastic surgeons all over the world since liposuction started to be performed.Before undergoing...
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17 Nov

When not to use fat transfer to the butt

When not to use fat transfer to the butt Fat transfer is what we call the all-natural method available nowadays for increasing the size of the buttocks. The procedure has numerous benefits that are not only visible on the butt but also affect the overall shape and appearance of the body as liposuction needs to be performed on areas with an excess of fat to collect the fat cells required for the transfer.Fat grafting can deliver spectacular results even from the first session, provided that the patient is a good candidate. However, sustaining the results can prove to be a little tricky if the patients don’t know all the things required from them.A question that all patients interested in the procedure...
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17 Nov

Do I have enough fat for a butt augmentation with fat?

Do I have enough fat for a butt augmentation with fat? IntroductionAre you a woman who has smaller or flatter buttocks and desire to have a more projected, shapelier, and curvaceous behind? The good news for you is that you can now add projection, shape, and curves to your backside with a plastic surgery procedure called buttock augmentation with fat. If you are reading this, chances are you have already been researching as to how butt augmentation with fat works. Many women wonder as to whether they have enough excess fat in their body to qualify for the fat transfer surgery.If you don’t know how fat transfer works, it all starts with liposuction of your body areas where excess fat deposits...
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