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Category: Butt Augmentation

17 May

3 Things you didn’t know about fat grafting to the butt

3 Things you didn’t know about fat grafting to the butt Introduction There are few things more appealing than a round, large, curvaceous butt. The big booty trend has set our imagination on fire over the last few years, and more and more people resort to plastic surgery to get the buttocks of their dreams. The benefits of undergoing plastic surgery are that the results achieved are more or less permanent and you get a big butt practically overnight. However, the results provided by the two different methods performed for buttock augmentation are different as the procedures are different in terms of the surgical plan. Butt implant surgery increases the size of the buttocks with implants inserted into the butt. When using...
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10 May

Post-operative period after fat grafting to the butt

Post-operative period after fat grafting to the butt Fat grafting to the buttocks is a procedure commonly performed these days as it can improve the appearance of the buttocks without the downsides associated with using butt implants. Moreover, the results achieved feel and look completely natural as the only substance used for the procedure also comes from the patient’s body.The patient’s own fat cells are used for transfer to the buttocks after being removed from areas with an excess of fat tissue with the help of liposuction and processed to eliminate the blood, impurities, and the damaged fat cells that are not eligible for the transfer.Fat transfer to the buttocks is a less invasive procedure when compared to butt implant surgery;...
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17 Apr

Making the most out of butt augmentation surgery

Making the most out of butt augmentation surgery Patients nowadays are interested in resorting to plastic surgery to increase the size of their buttocks as the procedures are safe and efficient and the augmentation practically happens overnight. Of course, it can take a while for the final results to be visible, and this time depends on the procedure that was performed to add more volume. In case of a butt augmentation with implants, it can take six to nine months for the final results to transpire while in the case of fat grafting, three months can be enough to have an assessment of the results.However, what is important for patients is to follow the post-operative instructions of the plastic surgeon to...
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11 Apr

Resuming social activities after buttock augmentation

Resuming social activities after buttock augmentation IntroductionThe derriere is among the most important areas of the human body. It not only helps you maintain your posture and move around but also defines your overall body outline and physical appearance. Fuller and shapelier buttocks make you look physically pleasant and beautiful. On the other hand, smaller and poorly shaped buttocks do the opposite. Women are notably more sensitive about the appearance of their buttocks, which is why most women with smaller buttocks opt to undergo butt augmentation surgery.Buttock augmentation surgery is a major plastic surgery procedure that involves inserting and placing artificial implants inside the buttocks. Patients are advised to avoid physically strenuous activities for a few weeks after the surgery. You...
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4 Apr

Are the results permanent after butt augmentation?

Are the results permanent after butt augmentation? When it comes to undergoing plastic surgery, patients want to know even from the early stages how long the results are going to last. Generally speaking, most plastic surgery procedures deliver long-term or permanent results, but sustaining the results of plastic surgery is also the responsibility of the patient. Butt augmentation with implants is performed to improve the contours of the butt cheeks and create more volume and projection for the buttocks. The implants are made of semi-solid silicone and feel very similar to the gluteal muscles of the buttocks. Butt implants are different in terms of shape and consistency to breast implants. Butt implant surgery can be performed on both male and female...
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28 Mar

Signs of infection after butt augmentation

Signs of infection after butt augmentation IntroductionPlastic surgery offers multiple procedures for patients who want to increase the size of their buttocks. The right procedure to help you achieve your aesthetic goals will be recommended by the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. The procedure that will correct your butt imperfections and get you the buttocks of your dreams should be customized depending on the current condition of your butt tissues and the results you expect to achieve. For some patients, butt implant surgery is the recommended procedure. Others have a recommendation for butt augmentation with fat transfer, or a combination of the two procedures that would provide them with the best results.Getting an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon to play...
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21 Mar

Butt augmentation to correct butt asymmetries

Butt augmentation to correct butt asymmetries When it comes to butt asymmetries, they can be of a genetic cause or resulting after a trauma or accident on the buttocks. There are different types of asymmetries that can be present and different treatment options available to correct them. Sometimes butt asymmetries can also occur after the patient has undergone plastic surgery on the buttocks such as butt implant surgery. In this case, an additional procedure will be required to correct the results of the initial surgery.The buttock augmentation methods used to correct butt asymmetries are butt implants, fat transfer, or a combination of these two procedures.When butt implant surgery is recommended as the suitable treatment plan, the plastic surgeon will use implants...
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13 Mar

The natural way to get bigger buttocks

The natural way to get bigger buttocks Plastic surgery is becoming an increasingly growing part of our lives. With each year, the number of people undergoing plastic surgery increases and there are plenty of explanations for this fact. Plastic surgery provides a safe and efficient method to correct various body imperfections and harmonize the features of the body for a more aesthetic appearance. However, at the same time, it is true that people want to achieve results that are as natural as possible when undergoing plastic surgery.If up until a few years ago you were easily able to spot people who had plastic surgery, nowadays this is hardly possible, especially if that person had an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon to play...
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28 Feb

Physical exercises to enhance the buttocks

Some have been blessed with a spectacular bottom, such as the Kardashian sisters. Others are trying to improve the appearance of their buttocks by doing physical exercises or resorting to plastic surgery. The first step that most of us do when trying to get rounder, bigger, perkier buttocks is to hit the gym. Even if we prefer to stay at home when exercising the glutes, there are plenty of video tutorials on how to tone the buttock muscles.Due to different factors such as a sedentary lifestyle and genetic predisposition, the rear end could lose its definition and curves, could start sagging, or it could be naturally small, flat and unproportionate to the rest of the patient’s anatomy.To improve the appearance...
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21 Feb

Buttock augmentation with or without fat transfer to the hips

The buttock augmentation procedure can be performed with either gluteal implants or the patient’s own fat cells. At the same time, the procedure can be a stand-alone or performed in combination with other plastic surgery procedures. Nowadays, it is more and more common for patients to request combined plastic surgery procedures. Moreover, even plastic surgeons recognize the multiple benefits offered by enhancing more features of the body at the same time.When it comes to buttock augmentation with implants, the procedure can also be combined with fat transfer to the hips to improve the appearance of the area furthermore. While some patients ask and understand the importance of wide and curvaceous hips, others complain that their hips are already too wide....
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