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Category: Butt Augmentation

27 May

Why do you need to stop taking birth control pills before your plastic surgery?

Nowadays, there are several types of plastic surgeries that can help a person significantly improve a problematic area in their body. Plastic surgeries are elective surgeries that people who are in a good state of health undergo. Surgery provides a solution to the problems that exercise and diets cannot properly address.If you are planning to do an elective plastic surgery, there is a recommended process. Make sure you have all the facts about the procedure you are seriously contemplating. Do your research. Get as much information online or from testimonials. The next step is having an initial consultation with the surgeon. In this consultation period, the surgeon will assess you to determine the right procedure that best fits your goals....
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16 Mar

How pressure affects your buttock results

One of the main things told to anybody who underwent a Brazilian buttock augmentation is to follow instructions and avoid sitting for about two weeks. Two weeks appears to be a long time, but there is a scientific reason behind this. For the first two weeks when the fat is transferred to the buttocks, this is the time where the body is actually going to either reabsorb the fat or allow the fat to be nourished with new blood supply. When the buttock augmentation is performed, in the first two weeks the fat transfer behaves as a graft. The graft is any tissue that does not have its own blood supply and relies initially for survival on the surrounding soft...
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14 Mar

The best technique for buttock augmentation

Augmenting any part of the body with an implant tends to be very predictable in terms of how big you are going to get in that specific anatomical area, like your breast. When it comes to injecting fat into any part of the body, this will require a more challenging surgical technique and an understanding of the factors related to fat survival and body contouring with the fat. Fat transfer to the buttock is very technique-dependent and when I say technique-dependent, it means that not every surgeon is going to get the same results. Just because one surgeon augmented the buttocks with a good result that does not mean that the surgeon next door will do the same job. There...
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13 Mar

Why her buttock is bigger

Patients routinely compare the results with their friends or a family who has a buttock done already and they want to look the same. The bottom line is, when it comes to surgical results on how big your buttock can get cannot be extrapolated to how big your friend's buttock was. If you compare two human beings, you will notice that everybody is different. Their skin anatomy, their fat distribution, their skin tightness, the level of projection, and the abdominal wall.Even some patients had surgery before while others have not had surgery before, so all these factors complement to create different types of body anatomy that allows different patients to have different results. When it comes to the buttock augmentation,...
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28 Nov

What to expect after a buttock enhancement procedure

Buttock enhancement will give you better, bigger, and more youthful-looking buttocks. You can also expect the procedure to make your waistline and thighs look smaller and perfectly fit with the size and shape of your buttocks. With an enhanced butt, your clothes will fit you well, and you will get an improved figure. You will also appear younger, and your self-esteem will receive a boost. Now, let’s discuss what to expect right after the surgery and during the weeks and months to follow. After your surgeon completes your buttock enhancement procedure, you’ll be kept in a recovery room where your health will be monitored. After you come out of the effects of the anesthesia, you’ll be shifted to your ward or...
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7 Nov

Hyperpigmentation of scars after buttock augmentation

Sometimes your body’s natural process may overreact and generate hyperpigmented scars, which have the potential to create emotional distress for you. They can act as a permanent reminder of the buttock augmentation procedure for you. Hyperpigmentation is a darkening of the skin around the surgical site. The condition occurs due to the overproduction of a skin pigment called melanin. Even though it is a physically harmless condition, it can become a source of emotional pain and stress for the patient. It is also important to note that scars left by buttock augmentation can become hyperpigmented, and your skin color will change permanently unless vigorously treated. If you have hyperpigmented scars and don’t like those ugly, dark marks, you should seek...
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22 Sep

Buttock implant recovery

During your buttock augmentation recovery period, you must take enough rest to heal properly and quickly. Most patients take around two weeks off work. Most patients are told to remain continuously in bed for the first 24 hours after the procedure.You can take limited walks from the second day; however, you should not sit down or sleep on your back for at least two weeks. When your plastic surgeon finally allows you to sit down, you must sit on a soft cushion for at two months. Even though many patients recover enough within a week to resume work, it is recommended that you allow your buttocks at least nine days to heal before returning to work. If you have a desk job...
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23 Nov

Risks and faqs about butt augmentation surgery

Q1. What care and caution does one have to take after the surgery? Instructions given by your doctor should be followed religiously to ensure speedy recovery. Some pain and bruises are normal; use a cushion to sit to avoid aggravating it. Limit your physical activities as per your doctor's advice and avoid any kind of anxiety or strain. Take prescribed medicines on time and drinks many fluids as you can. Q2. When will I be able to sit? You will not be able to sit for two weeks after your enlargement surgery. After two weeks, you will be able to sit using a cushion. Q3. After a fat transplantation procedure, how do the buttocks feel to the touch? Your newly shaped buttocks will usually feel...
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16 Nov

Butt augmentation surgery: preconditions andcandidates for the procedure

Butt augmentation,also known as butt enlargement,can be achieved through safe surgical procedures thathave been developed over the years.The most common procedure in the past used silicone implants; however,the fat transfer method, where fat from other parts of the body like the abdomen and back istransferred to the buttocks to make themlook fatter and rounder, is gaining in popularity. Buttocks enlargement can help give you a more feminine hourglass figure. For those with flat behinds, butt augmentation can help you look more curvaceous. Many women find that their waists seem smaller after butt enlargement. Who Should Go In for Butt Augmentation? Women and men with an absence of projection and volume inthe gluteal region should certainly exercise this option. With the trend...
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15 Dec

Butt augmentation candidates – do I qualify?

Still, not every woman is an ideal candidate for Buttock Augmentation. Here at Baby Got Butt, we’re committed to the safety and welfare of our patients which is why we’ll always offer impartial advice prior to agreeing to carry out even the most minor cosmetic procedures. In the case of butt augmentation, who qualifies? In terms of overall aesthetics there are essentially no qualification criteria whatsoever – if you’re unhappy with the shape of your butt, we can help. We’re certainly not about taking the already beautiful and transforming it into something quite over the top, but even if it takes just a slight correction to boost your butt and your confidence, we can make it happen. By contrast, in order to qualify...
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