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Category: Butt implants

5 Oct

Buttock implants or fat transfer: Which is more invasive?

Buttock implants or fat transfer: Which is more invasive? IntroductionButtock augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure that enhances smaller and flatter buttocks by increasing their size or adding projection and shape to them. Every year, thousands of women get buttock augmentation in the US alone with the goal to appear more feminine and aesthetically appealing. Fortunately, the procedure has a history of delivering impressive outcomes, and most patients who undergo the procedure report being happy with the results.Many people who want to undergo buttock augmentation want to know what options they have to achieve the desired results. The buttocks can be augmented with two methods: by using implants or through fat transfer. If you are considering buttock augmentation, you might be...
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14 Sep

How weight loss and aging affect butt size

How weight loss and aging affect butt size IntroductionThe aesthetic features of the buttocks play a vital role in setting your body outline and establishing your self-esteem. The buttocks are among the most critical cosmetic areas of the female body. Women are extremely sensitive when it comes to the size of their buttocks. Fuller and bigger buttocks make you look more feminine, fertile, and physically beautiful. Smaller or flatter buttocks do the opposite. This is the reason why many women desire to have bigger and fuller booties.Many factors affect the size of the buttocks over time. Some of these factors are genetic, others a natural process, and others are external factors. Weight loss and aging are two dominant factors that affect...
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14 Jul

Should I get butt implants before or after fat grafting to the buttocks?

Should I get butt implants before or after fat grafting to the buttocks? IntroductionButtock augmentation is one of the trendiest plastic surgery procedures in the United States. Given the trend of having a bigger booty, women are going under the knife to keep up with the trend. Bigger buttocks make you look aesthetically appealing and sexy. On the other hand, smaller buttocks make you look aesthetically unwelcoming. As such, women with smaller buttocks experience self-esteem issues.The good news is that now you can use plastic surgery to get the buttocks of your dreams. There are two types of buttock augmentation procedures: implant surgery and fat transfer. While most women qualify for one of these procedures, some patients require a combo of...
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8 Jun

Does it hurt to sit after a butt augmentation with implants?

Does it hurt to sit after a butt augmentation with implants? The aesthetics of the buttocks is a complex and delicate topic nowadays. More and more people, both men and women, resort to plastic surgery to enhance the appearance of their rear end or to correct imperfections such as the underdevelopment of the buttocks. Having buttocks that are too small compared to the rest of the patient’s anatomy can trigger complexes and a feeling of dissatisfaction for individuals confronted with the issue. Plastic surgery offers safe and reliable correction methods for this issue.The procedures performed to increase the size of small buttocks are called buttock augmentations, and they can follow two main surgical plans. First, we have butt augmentation with...
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24 May

Why you shouldn’t get butt implant surgery while on your period

Why you shouldn’t get butt implant surgery while on your period During the pre-operative consultation for butt implant surgery, you will discuss many aspects of your life with the plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon will ask whether you smoke or not, if you have allergies, and whether you take any medication or natural supplements. Moreover, you might find it funny, but when it will come to scheduling your butt implant surgery, the plastic surgeon will ask you to pick a date after your menstrual cycle.Many patients don’t understand why they shouldn’t get butt implant surgery (or any other type of surgery) while on their periods, but it is actually a pretty common recommendation.Some surgeons would go as far as to...
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25 Apr

All about silicone butt implants

All about silicone butt implants While breast implants have been used for more than half a century to enhance the appearance of the bust, butt implants have become more popular in the last few years. Nowadays, butt augmentation with implants is frequently performed, but there are still many people who don’t know much about silicone butt implants.The first thing we need to mention about butt implants is that they are different from breast implants and also from silicone injections.Butt implants are made out of the same type of silicone as breast implants, which is medical silicone. However, this is pretty much where the similarities end. Breast implants have a silicone capsule and are filled with either silicone gel or...
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3 Jan

Butt Augmentation Incisions

Butt augmentation incisionsIf you ever thought about augmenting your buttocks, the first thing that came to your mind was probably the placement of your incisions. Scars are a major concern for patients undergoing butt enhancement procedures, as the area around the buttocks entails certain risks and complications. An experienced plastic surgeon will try to hide the scars in areas that are more likely to be covered by your underwear or swimwear. There are two types of buttock augmentation, and they are differentiated by the procedure used. You can either enhance your volume using implants or by having a fat transfer if your body has sufficient fat deposits that can be harvested. Assuming that your surgeon can augment your buttocks using your own...
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6 Oct

Can I get butt and breast implants at the same time?

When looking back at history, butt and breast implants have appeared almost at the same time. Even if the first breast augmentation was made in 1890 with paraffin being injected to increase breast size, it was only later in 1961 when the silicone gel was developed. The first breast implant was performed in 1962 while the first butt augmentation was made later in 1969, when Dr. RJ Bartels used the silicone gel implant for a different area than the breasts. As the main purpose of the implants is to deal with aesthetics, these types of cosmetic surgeries are becoming more popular. In the last years, we have noticed the requests for implants are rising at more than 15% each year....
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29 Sep

Butt implants and stretch marks on the buttocks

Stretch marks usually appear during pregnancy, and most of them can form on the belly. However, buttocks are not excluded, and normally stretch marks do not disappear in time. They have been associated with rapid changes in body weight when the skin is usually losing elasticity, so expect them to appear where you have large amounts of fat stored. Even if they do not create any health issues, stretch marks are unaesthetic, and many women are trying different types of creams or therapies to get rid of them. During the last decade, a lot of attempts were made in removing stretch marks with laser treatments or glycolic acid, but none of them provided a viable solution. The only way to...
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15 Sep

Are butt implants a long term solution compared to fat transfer?

Butt augmentation or gluteoplasty refers to a specific type of plastic surgery used to reshape the butt area. A surgeon can use two types of procedures in order to reach the desired shape: gluteal implants or fat transfer to the buttocks. As they are totally different surgeries, every procedure has its own ups and downs. By comparing them, we will focus on the procedure that is used, possible side effects, and costs. Bear in mind that you will still have to take your own doctor’s advice. His point of view comes from experience, your consultation, and possible outcome. Butt implants Butt implants or buttock prosthesis surgery uses the placement of gluteal implants. Even if the implants are totally different from breast...
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