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Category: Butt implants

30 Sep

How to get a rounder, plumper butt

How to get a rounder, plumper buttFor women who want to improve their silhouette, having a rounder and plumper butt is one of their main goals. It is indeed very sexy, which is why many women want to have that kind of butt. The only way for women to get a nice, round butt is through surgical procedures. Although some say that exercise can help achieve a rounder and plumper butt, the results are glaringly different. Exercise can improve the appearance of the butt by giving it a more toned appearance, whereas a rounder and plumper butt can only be achieved through surgery.One of the surgical procedures that can achieve a rounder and...
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23 Sep

Are hydrogel injections to the butt safe?

Are Hydrogel injections to the butt safe?Because of the desire to have a larger derrière, people have chosen to use hydrogel injections as an alternative to plastic surgery. Even though hydrogel has been used for different medical and technological applications, it is still a highly dangerous method to increase the size and improve the shape of the buttocks.There is actually no authority that has regulated or approved the hydrogel solution used for the injections, thus, the ingredients remain unclear. It may even be contaminated. Overall, the FDA has yet to approve it because the safety of this type of filler is still questionable.Nonetheless, there is no way of stopping this...
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16 Sep

Contraindications for buttock implant

A buttock implant is a cosmetic type of surgery that helps patients achieve their ideal buttock shape. It is a safe procedure that produces positive results if done properly by an experienced and certified surgeon.Nowadays, more people (especially women) are considering buttock implant surgery thanks to famous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez. Before patients proceed with the procedure, they must first consult with certified surgeons who can then properly determine if the patients can be good candidates for a buttock implant procedure.Generally, patients undergo buttock implant surgery should be in good health, without any diseases or preexisting medical conditions. In some cases, manageable illnesses may also be cleared for surgery. Those who take regular medications or have...
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16 Mar

Top heavy and buttock results

You will be surprised to know that the results of buttock augmentation on the hourglass shape also depends on the overall aesthetic and the balance between the torso on the lower part of your body. If you look at the hourglass shape and you look at the width of the shoulders, the top part tends to be smaller than the width of the buttock. If we draw a line through the torso and a line through the midline of the buttock, the buttock tends to be wider, this creates the illusion of having a small top that goes and curves in with a smaller waist and then out on the buttock area for the ultimate hourglass shape. This is important...
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15 Mar

Can I get 2000 cc of fat to each buttock

Augmenting any part of the body with an implant tends to be very predictable in terms of how big you are going to get in that specific anatomical area, like your breast. When it comes to injecting fat into any part of the body, this will require a more challenging surgical technique and an understanding of the factors related to fat survival and body contouring with the fat. Fat transfer to the buttock is very technique-dependent and when I say technique-dependent, it means that not every surgeon is going to get the same results. Just because one surgeon augmented the buttocks with a good result that does not mean that the surgeon next door will do the same job. There...
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12 Mar

What is fat necrosis during fat transfer?

Necrosis is the death of a cell, cell formation, or organic tissue. Fat necrosis is a complication that can occur in the case of fat transfer to any part of the body. It can look like nodules under the surface of the skin, and can be subdued in time with massage. If the fat necrosis is on a bigger scale, surgical intervention might be needed, but this is only recommended in rare cases. Autologous fat transfer, also known as fat grafting, is a plastic surgery procedure used for breast reconstruction, buttock enhancement, and to give more volume to areas like the face, lips, chin, and even the backs of the hands. Different contour imperfections can be eliminated with the help...
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11 Mar

What is a silicone granulomas?

Any cosmetic surgery involves a risk of complications: for example, the aftereffects of anesthesia, infection, hardness and lumpiness, redness, bleeding, and pain. But the potential complications after any cosmetic surgery are nothing compared to the risk you run when choosing to have illegal silicone injections. The silicone gel used for black-market buttock enhancement injections is made of big tridimensional molecules in a network. This gel is injected into your muscular tissue. Once inside, it triggers the body’s defense mechanism, and the silicone gel will be gradually taken over by certain cells of the body named macrophages for transportation to the regional lymphatic nodules. Through this process, a granuloma can form around a small quantity of silicone that leaks. These can...
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10 Mar

The v-shaped buttock

We are going to talk about how the V-shape is the most surgically challenging of the different shapes. Again, let’s imagine a the diagram. A line on top of the buttocks, one at the middle, and one on the bottom. Connect these three lines, and we can see that a V-shaped is formed. In order for you to understand why the V-shaped buttock is such a difficult shape to fix, let’s say, for example, that I want to change a V-shaped into an A shape or hourglass shape; these are the two shapes that I like the most because they give the most impressive results and sexy figure. So, changing the V-shape into an A shape is an 180-degree change...
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9 Mar

The risks of silicone butt implants

When it comes to silicone butt implants, only highly specialized and experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeons can carry out the procedure because the risks and potential complications are real. The procedure involves two major, sensitive functions: sculpting and placement of solid silicone implants. These functions have to be performed with precision and care in order to avert the possible complications involved in the procedure. All types of surgeries involve risks, but when it comes to silicone butt implants, make sure to discuss in detail with your plastic surgeon the risks involved in the surgery. The first risk of silicone butt implants comes from the type of sedation used during the surgery. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, meaning that...
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27 Oct

Silicone granuloma

Any time a foreign body is inserted into the human body, whether by injection or any implant, patients can develop what is called a granuloma. A granuloma is essentially a reaction of the body against this foreign object, and it creates a scar formation with inflammation around it. Now, if the granuloma is small, this is not a problem, but when you use silicone to augment the hips or buttocks, a significant amount is injected, and the patient can develop multiple granulomas. These can cause pain, infection, extrusion of the silicone, and in severe cases, loss of skin, fat necrosis, embolism, and death. If we look under the microscope, you can see that the granuloma tissue is surrounded by inflamed...
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