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Category: Hourglass Butt Augmentation

7 Jul

What is the timeframe for complications to occur after a butt augmentation?

What is the timeframe for complications to occur after a butt augmentation? IntroductionThe physical features of the butt play a crucial role in defining the beauty and femininity of a woman. Aesthetic flaws in the butt can affect your overall body outline, make you look less feminine, and create self-confidence issues for you. If your buttocks are smaller and you want to have a bigger booty, you can undergo the buttock augmentation surgery. The buttock augmentation procedure can make your buttocks bigger by using implants or transferring excess fat in your body to your buttocks.Even though buttock augmentation has an excellent record of enhancing the derriere, there are many risks and complications associated with it.  The rate of these complications has...
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28 Jun

How soon is sitting possible after a buttock augmentation procedure?

How soon is sitting possible after a buttock augmentation procedure? IntroductionMany patients ask how soon they can sit after the buttock augmentation procedure. Buttock augmentation is an effective plastic surgery procedure that can enhance your backside by either using your body fat or an external device such as an implant. Whether you want to get implants or fat transfer, it is essential to be careful when it comes to sitting after the surgery. Most plastic surgeons advise patients who undergo buttock augmentation to avoid sitting for at least two weeks after the surgery. It is important to avoid sitting during this period because sitting can apply pressure to the butt, which can damage the fat cells or result in wound dehiscence in...
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22 Jun

5 Things you were not aware of regarding butt augmentation surgery

5 Things you were not aware of regarding butt augmentation surgery IntroductionMany people who want to undergo buttock augmentation surgery are not fully aware of the procedure. As such, they are curious as to what it involves and how it is performed. Buttock augmentation is a major plastic surgery procedure that is used to enhance a smaller and poorly shaped derriere. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and on an outpatient basis.If your buttocks are smaller or poorly shaped, buttock augmentation can help address these aesthetic flaws. After the surgery, your buttocks will be bigger, projected, and sexy. As a result, your self-esteem will be restored and you will feel good about your body image. In this article, I am...
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1 Jun

Medication to avoid before butt augmentation surgery

Medication to avoid before butt augmentation surgery The only safe and efficient method to get a bigger butt nowadays is with the help of plastic surgery. Physical exercises can only do so much for you, and it will require intensive efforts and time. With the help of a butt augmentation procedure, you can practically get the buttocks of your dreams within hours.Butt augmentation can be performed in two ways: using implants or fat cells that come from other areas of the patient’s body that have an excess of adipose tissue. The procedures follow a different surgical plan and deliver results that can’t be compared. However, there are some things that are the same for both procedures, and one of them is...
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1 Jun

Non-FDA approved butt augmentation methods

Non-FDA approved butt augmentation methodsIntroductionThe aesthetic features of the butt play an essential role in defining your overall physical appearance. Aesthetic shortcomings in the butt often affect the quality of life of many women. A smaller butt is one of the prevailing cosmetic problems that women suffer from. Most women desire to have bigger and shapelier buttocks. The good news is that buttock augmentation surgery can help you get the buttocks of your dreams. It can effectively increase the size of the butt, making you look youthful, sexy, and aesthetically welcoming.While most women undergo buttock augmentation with implants or fat transfer, some women resort to unsafe and non-FDA approved butt enhancement methods. The reason why women resort to these...
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24 May

Shapes and sizes of the butt after butt augmentation surgery

Shapes and sizes of the butt after butt augmentation surgeryIntroductionThe buttocks play an essential part in not only signifying your feminine features but also in defining your overall aesthetic appearance. There is no doubt that smaller or flatter buttocks don’t look aesthetically pleasing. Prominent buttocks, on the other hand, put you at the center of attention and make you look more feminine, beautiful, and sensuous. Most women don’t get bigger and shapelier buttocks naturally. For all such women, the good news is that you can enhance your butt shape and size by undergoing butt augmentation surgery.Butt augmentation surgery can change the shape and size of your buttocks for good. Depending on the aesthetic flaws in your buttocks and your...
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17 May

Undergoing a butt augmentation procedure

Undergoing a butt augmentation procedure IntroductionButtock augmentation has become more common over the last couple of years. It is now a new standard for women with smaller or flatter buttocks to consider getting buttock augmentation with implants or fat transfer. The surgery has an excellent record of safety and better results, thanks to the improvements made in the field of plastic surgery over the last decade. However, the procedure is not free of risks. If your buttocks are smaller and the condition is affecting your self-confidence, you may discuss your candidacy for butt augmentation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.Buttock augmentation is a significant procedure that involves the use of artificial implants or your body fat to enhance your backside. It...
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17 Apr

Areas to be treated with liposuction for fat grafting to the buttocks

Areas to be treated with liposuction for fat grafting to the buttocks Introduction The appearance of the buttocks is very important for both men and women. Some like them round and big, while others complain about their buttocks being too flat or with sagging skin. The reality is that there are few people nowadays who are happy with the appearance of their buttocks and not willing to make any aesthetic changes to it. Plastic surgery comes to help patients who want to improve the appearance of their buttocks in a safe and efficient way. The results achieved when using plastic surgery to enhance the buttocks are different from patient to patient and dependent on the method used for butt augmentation. There are two...
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11 Apr

Diet to increase the size of the butt

Diet to increase the size of the butt When it comes to the appearance of the rear end, both men and women are concerned with it. The look of the buttocks is important not only for the overall appearance of the body but also to make us feel sexier and more alluring, considering the fact that buttocks are considered an erotic and sensual area of the body, just like breasts. If up until some time ago women desired to have small buttocks, nowadays the mainstream trend is exactly the other way around. Nowadays we want big buttocks, as big and as round as possible and with an impressive projection. Celebrities have also hopped on the trend of having bigger buttocks. When it comes...
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4 Apr

What is the most efficient buttock augmentation method?

What is the most efficient buttock augmentation method? Introduction An essential element of aesthetics, the buttocks are above all an important factor in maintaining our posture. Without a strong butt, we would not be able to stand up and walk. The buttocks are comprised mainly of three muscles, but also fat tissue and the skin envelope. One of the most common procedures performed on the buttocks is fat transfer. This practice is not new, but in recent years, it has become more and more requested by patients who want to get an enhancement of their buttocks with minimal risks involved and results as natural as possible. Nowadays, more and more women dream of having round and big buttocks, but it is not...
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