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4 Jan

When Can I Shower After A Brazilian Butt Lift?

When Can I Shower After A Brazilian Butt Lift? IntroductionThe Brazilian butt lift, also known as the fat transfer to the butt, is a plastic surgery procedure to enhance the buttocks. As a result of the shapelier booty trend, tens of thousands of women are undergoing BBL each year to achieve the butt of their dreams. The procedure involves the use of your own body fat to enhance your backside.The Brazilian butt lift is a major operation. It involves the use of liposuction to remove the excess fat from your body, which is then transferred to the butt via needle. The recovery process after the BBL is critical to achieving the desired goals. One of the common questions patients ask after...
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28 Nov

Can butt augmentation and butt lift be performed as a combined procedure?

The butt augmentation and butt lift surgeries are popular procedures to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the buttocks. In most cases, the butt lift or butt augmentation alone is enough to deliver the desired aesthetic results to most patients. However, there is always a possibility some patients may require the combined surgery of butt lift and butt augmentation.Whether you require the combo operation depends on the aesthetic flaws in your butt and your aesthetic goals and expectations. When these procedures are performed in association, the butt will not only become firmer, voluptuous, and perkier but also bigger and fuller. If you want to know your candidacy for the combined surgery of butt lift and augmentation, consult with a board-certified plastic...
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21 Nov

Butt lift safety information

The butt lift is a major operation. It involves major incisions and the surgical removal of saggy and excess skin from the butt, besides the removal of excess fat. However, there are patients who consider the butt lift a simple and risk-free procedure. The fact is that the butt lift involves major risks, just like all other plastic surgery procedures. The butt lift is additionally risky because it involves skin removal.If you are considering the butt lift surgery, be sure to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Share your complete health and medication history with the plastic surgeon and discuss the associated risks. You should undergo the procedure only if the benefits of the procedure are greater than the risks...
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14 Nov

Brazilian butt lift revision surgery

The Brazilian butt lift is a popular procedure that delivers effective and reliable aesthetic results. However, there are always patients who will need touch-up fat injections down the road. After the original fat transfer, you can expect your butt to appear smoother, projected, and shapelier. The texture of the skin on the butt will also be enhanced.Whether a revision surgery is necessary after the Brazilian butt lift depends on a number of factors. There are patients who never need revision surgery after the procedure, and they continue to enjoy having improved buttocks for a lifetime. There are also patients who may need revision surgery or touch-up fat injections to make up for lost aesthetics or lost fat. Your body may...
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7 Nov

Brazilian butt lift and butt lift: What’s the difference?

There are many people who get confused when they hear the butt lift and Brazilian butt lift. There are also others who consider both of these procedures as the same. The fact is that the butt lift (often referred to as the traditional butt lift) and the Brazilian butt lift are two different procedures. These procedures are used to treat two different aesthetic flaws in the butt.If your buttocks are saggy and hanging, you should consider the traditional butt lift instead of the Brazilian butt lift. On the other hand, if your butt is smaller, flatter, or poorly shaped, you may consider the Brazilian butt lift. The steps involved in these procedures are totally different. The butt lift procedure The butt lift...
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31 Oct

When do I need to remove or replace my buttock implants?

The butt implant surgery is an effective, reliable, and popular plastic surgery procedure used to make the buttocks appear fuller, sexier, and bigger. The buttock implants, also called “gluteal implants”, are artificial objects made up of semi-solid silicone material. The implants are placed inside the buttocks to make them look bigger and sexier.There are many patients who desire to add projection to their rear ends and appear more feminine but at the same time they also wonder if the butt implants needed to be removed or replaced after some time. Butt implants are normally permanent objects and deliver permanent results; however, there are certain factors to consider that may need a butt implant removal and/or replacement in the future. Will I...
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24 Oct

Scarring after a buttock augmentation procedure

Buttock augmentation is an effective plastic surgery procedure to add projection to and enhance the buttocks. Women are extremely sensitive and conscious about the size and shape of their backsides. Smaller, poorly-shaped, or flatter butts often become a source of lower self-esteem and emotional pain for women. This happens because women with bigger and shapelier butts are considered more beautiful, more fertile, and more feminine.One of the most common concerns of women when it comes to buttock augmentation is scarring after the surgery. The size, shape, and intensity of the scar after butt augmentation depend on the particular type of intervention. For example, the butt implant surgery involves major scarring in the butt whereas the fat transfer procedure involves smaller...
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17 Oct

Plastic surgery for saggy buttocks

One of the most common aesthetic problems women suffer from is having a saggy buttock. Saggy butts look aesthetically unwelcoming. As a result, women who have it often experience a lack of self-confidence and they also go through emotional distress. Fortunately, a saggy behind can be treated via plastic surgery. The most common plastic surgery procedures to treat saggy butts are the butt augmentation surgery and the butt lift surgery.The procedure that is best for you will be determined during the initial consultation. The doctor will examine your buttocks and know your aesthetic goals before recommending you a suitable intervention. Generally, if the sagginess is widely-spread, skin excision will be required, which calls for the butt lift surgery. On the...
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3 Oct

What is the difference between butt lift and brazilian butt lift?

If your buttocks are small, flat, saggy, or uneven, you can overcome this condition by undergoing a butt lift procedure. Two popular butt lift procedures are the traditional butt lift and the Brazilian butt lift. Many patients don’t know the difference between the two. In this article, we will discuss the major differences between them and what specific aesthetic flaws can they address.The traditional butt lift surgery treats sagginess in the buttocks. There are many factors like aging, weight changes, pregnancy, and genetics that can make the butt look saggy. The butt lift procedure treats the condition by removing the excess skin from the buttocks, and tightening the muscles and tissues in the area. On the other hand, the Brazilian...
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26 Sep

What are the temporary side effects of buttock augmentation?

Buttock augmentation entails a number of temporary side effects, in addition to the risks and potential complications. Even though the surgery can deliver you amazing results by adding projection to your backside, making it appear aesthetically pleasant, the side effects can be very uncomfortable or unbearable to some patients.Every surgery has its side effects and risks. You need to be aware of the side effects of butt augmentation first before considering going under the knife. During the initial consultation with the plastic surgeon, be sure to ask what the temporary side effects of butt augmentation are. There are two types of buttock augmentation procedures: butt implants and fat transfer. The temporary side effects in fat transfer are lower than that...
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