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17 May

Undergoing a butt augmentation procedure

Undergoing a butt augmentation procedure IntroductionButtock augmentation has become more common over the last couple of years. It is now a new standard for women with smaller or flatter buttocks to consider getting buttock augmentation with implants or fat transfer. The surgery has an excellent record of safety and better results, thanks to the improvements made in the field of plastic surgery over the last decade. However, the procedure is not free of risks. If your buttocks are smaller and the condition is affecting your self-confidence, you may discuss your candidacy for butt augmentation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.Buttock augmentation is a significant procedure that involves the use of artificial implants or your body fat to enhance your backside. It...
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10 May

Buttock enhancement combined procedures

Buttock enhancement combined procedures IntroductionButtock enhancement surgery is used to enhance the buttocks by making them bigger, shapelier, firmer, and aesthetically welcoming. The procedure is invasive, and in most cases, involves placing artificial implants inside the derriere. The procedure can also be performed with other plastic surgery procedures. However, the combo of butt enhancement and other procedures can be more traumatic, and the recovery can be more overwhelming.If there are other aesthetic problems in your body in addition to smaller, saggy, or poorly shaped buttocks, you may consider combined butt enhancement procedures. The combined procedures can be different butt enhancement procedures like butt implant surgery or butt lift, or it can be a combo of butt enhancement and improvement of other...
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2 May

Post-operative care after butt implant surgery

Post-operative care after butt implant surgery IntroductionButt implant surgery is a popular plastic surgery procedure. Women who desire to augment their flatter or smaller buttocks often seek the intervention to enhance their aesthetic appearance. The surgery involves the use of artificial objects called implants to enhance your backside.After the butt implant surgery, you will be required to observe a protracted recovery period that can range from 2-4 weeks. During this period, you will need to take extra care of your new buttocks and your health. The post-operative care is directly linked to your safety and the quality of the achieved aesthetic outcomes. Compression garmentsYou will be advised to wear compression garments after the surgery. Some hospitals and surgical facilities provide the...
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25 Apr

The best placement for gluteal implants

The best placement for gluteal implants IntroductionGluteal implants are artificial objects that are used to add volume and projection to the buttocks. The gluteal area is considered to be one of the most important aesthetic areas of the human body. Females are very sensitive when it comes to the features, size, and shape of the booty. Cosmetic flaws in the buttocks cause emotional issues for women. Smaller buttocks look aesthetically unwelcoming. It is the reason why many women with smaller buttocks undergo gluteal implant surgery.Gluteal implant surgery involves placing the implants inside the buttocks through incisions. The implants come in various sizes. The results of the procedure depend on the size of the implant, where the implants have been placed, the...
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17 Apr

Areas to be treated with liposuction for fat grafting to the buttocks

Areas to be treated with liposuction for fat grafting to the buttocks Introduction The appearance of the buttocks is very important for both men and women. Some like them round and big, while others complain about their buttocks being too flat or with sagging skin. The reality is that there are few people nowadays who are happy with the appearance of their buttocks and not willing to make any aesthetic changes to it. Plastic surgery comes to help patients who want to improve the appearance of their buttocks in a safe and efficient way. The results achieved when using plastic surgery to enhance the buttocks are different from patient to patient and dependent on the method used for butt augmentation. There are two...
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11 Apr

Resuming social activities after buttock augmentation

Resuming social activities after buttock augmentation IntroductionThe derriere is among the most important areas of the human body. It not only helps you maintain your posture and move around but also defines your overall body outline and physical appearance. Fuller and shapelier buttocks make you look physically pleasant and beautiful. On the other hand, smaller and poorly shaped buttocks do the opposite. Women are notably more sensitive about the appearance of their buttocks, which is why most women with smaller buttocks opt to undergo butt augmentation surgery.Buttock augmentation surgery is a major plastic surgery procedure that involves inserting and placing artificial implants inside the buttocks. Patients are advised to avoid physically strenuous activities for a few weeks after the surgery. You...
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4 Apr

What is the most efficient buttock augmentation method?

What is the most efficient buttock augmentation method? Introduction An essential element of aesthetics, the buttocks are above all an important factor in maintaining our posture. Without a strong butt, we would not be able to stand up and walk. The buttocks are comprised mainly of three muscles, but also fat tissue and the skin envelope. One of the most common procedures performed on the buttocks is fat transfer. This practice is not new, but in recent years, it has become more and more requested by patients who want to get an enhancement of their buttocks with minimal risks involved and results as natural as possible. Nowadays, more and more women dream of having round and big buttocks, but it is not...
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28 Mar

Signs of infection after butt augmentation

Signs of infection after butt augmentation IntroductionPlastic surgery offers multiple procedures for patients who want to increase the size of their buttocks. The right procedure to help you achieve your aesthetic goals will be recommended by the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. The procedure that will correct your butt imperfections and get you the buttocks of your dreams should be customized depending on the current condition of your butt tissues and the results you expect to achieve. For some patients, butt implant surgery is the recommended procedure. Others have a recommendation for butt augmentation with fat transfer, or a combination of the two procedures that would provide them with the best results.Getting an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon to play...
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21 Mar

Can fat be removed from the buttocks if I’m not happy with the results of fat transfer?

Can fat be removed from the buttocks if I’m not happy with the results of fat transfer? IntroductionFat transfer procedures are very popular nowadays. Ever since we started removing fat with the help of liposuction, specialists have tried to find a method to use the fat collected to improve other areas of the body. The first results of fat transfer procedures were not impressive as the fat didn’t survive for long in the new environment. But due to the progress of technology and medical research in the last ten years, we can now use fat transfer to different areas of the body, including the buttocks, and achieve spectacular results that are long-lasting.Getting a big butt using a less invasive method compared...
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13 Mar

Will the butt look natural and feel natural after BBL?

Will the butt look natural and feel natural after BBL? IntroductionNowadays most people are concerned with the appearance of their rear end. It is not only about the size, but also the shape and projection of the buttocks. There are a few methods that allow for butt remodeling, and none of them provide long-lasting or immediate results. Plastic surgery is actually the only safe and effective solution for bigger, rounder, perkier buttocks that can last over time. The butt remodeling procedures offered by plastic surgery target both male and female patients who are preoccupied with having rounder buttocks and a more harmonious body shape. It is important to know that buttocks are just like breasts, which are important symbols of sex...
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