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10 Mar

Buttock implants surgery for saggy butts

The buttock implants surgery is a popular plastic surgery procedure in the US. The procedure’s main goal is to increase the size, volume, and projection of the buttocks. The surgery involves the use of prosthetic objects called butt implants to deliver the aesthetic improvements. The implants are made of semi-solid silicone material. One of the major problems women experience is sagginess in the buttocks. Saggy butts look aesthetically unwelcoming and cause self-esteem problems for women.Fortunately, the buttock implants can be used to treat saggy butts as well. If your buttocks are mildly or moderately saggy, you may consider restoring your firmer butts through the butt implants surgery. However, if your butts are severely saggy, the butt implants may not help...
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7 Mar

How important is your health for buttock augmentation

Buttock augmentation is a major plastic surgery procedure that is used to add volume, projection, and shape to the buttocks. Bigger buttocks are the signs of fertility, fertility, and physical beauty. Moreover, the recent beauty trends require women to have bigger and shapelier derriere. If your buttocks are flatter or smaller and the condition is affecting your self-esteem, you may consider undergoing buttock augmentation.The procedure is highly invasive and involves the insertion and placement of an artificial object called buttock implant into the butts. As such, the procedure involves many risks and complications. To qualify for the surgery, the patient must be in a good physical and mental health. Your health will be assessed during the pre-operative consultation. Important of...
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5 Mar

Are bigger butts always better butts

Bigger butts are the trend among the modern women. Today, most women desire to have bigger booties like some of the most popular celebrities. There is no doubt that bigger buttocks look aesthetically appealing and make you appear fertile, more feminine, and physically attractive. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian reignited the bigger booty trend. However, not all women get naturally bigger buttocks. Most women undergo plastic surgery to get the butts of their dreams.Since the year 2010, the demand for buttock augmentation surgery has witnessed a spike. You may ask why so many women want to get bigger butts. Well, the primary reason is that bigger buttocks are better buttocks. Many people who are considering buttock augmentation...
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21 Feb

Limitations of buttock augmentation

Some years back, only celebrities used to undergo the buttock augmentation surgery. But today, the intervention has gone mainstream, with tens of thousands of women getting the surgery in the US alone each year. The goal of the butt augmentation surgery is to make your backside bigger, fuller, and shapelier. If your butts are smaller, flatter, or poorly contoured, you may consider buttock augmentation.While the butt augmentation surgery adds projection, volume, and shape to the butts, it entails certain limitations. If you are considering the buttock augmentation surgery, you must be aware of the boundaries of the intervention. Also, your aesthetic goals and expectations need to be realistic and reasonable for you to be satisfied with the results. The buttock...
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21 Feb

5 Important things you should know about the Brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian butt lift is a procedure often performed nowadays on patients who want to improve the aspect of their buttocks and maintain a natural look of the rear end. Nowadays more and more women want to have a bigger, rounder and more voluptuous behind. Up until a few years ago, a more slim and androgynous silhouette was preferred, but in modern days even the models are expected to show some curves in order to be successful. When it comes to the big buttocks going mainstream, we also have many celebrities to thank for this such as Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj, to name just a few. However, the big buttocks is a must have only when associated with a...
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19 Feb

Butt lift and butt implants combined surgery

The buttock lift surgery treats the sagginess in the derriere, whereas the butt implants surgery adds volume and projection to the butts. The buttocks are counted among the most critical aesthetic areas in women. They project your femininity, fertility, and physical beauty. Cosmetic flaws in the buttocks can affect your self-esteem and physical appearance. Fortunately, the butt lift and butt implants surgeries can be used to treat specific problems in the buttocks. The butt lift and butt implants surgeries are performed to treat different aesthetic flaws in the butts. The butt lift can restore the firmness and youthfulness of saggy butts and the butt implants surgery can make your butts bigger. However, certain aesthetic flaws in the buttocks can necessitate...
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18 Feb

How to choose your butt implants

Buttock implants are prosthetic objects that are used to add projection and shape to the derriere. If your buttocks are smaller or poorly shaped and the condition is affecting your self-esteem, you may consider getting buttock implants. The implants are made of semi-solid silicone material and highly durable. Aesthetic flaws in the butts can create self-esteem issues for women. Also, the modern yardstick measures the physical beauty of women by the prominence of specific body parts, including the butts. Fuller and shapelier butts are well admired and popular. The butt implants surgery involves incisions on the butts and insertion and placement of the implants into the butts via those incisions. After placing the implants into the butts, your backside becomes...
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12 Feb

How to recover quickly after buttock implants surgery

The buttock implants surgery is a complex and major procedure that should be performed only by a board-certified plastic surgeon in an accredited medical facility. The procedure is associated with certain risks and potential complications, as it is the case of any other surgical procedure.The recovery period after the buttock implants surgery can be more demanding for the patient considering the fact that the patient is not allowed to sit on the buttocks directly or lay on the back. This means that the patient will need to get comfortable in different positions and this could take a while for him to get used to.The recovery period after the butt implants surgery is often of no longer than two weeks. However,...
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9 Feb

Frequent questions about the butt lift

There are several factors that can lead to the unpleasant, saggy and loose aspect of the buttocks, but generally speaking, significant weight fluctuations and aging are the causes of patients requiring a butt lift surgery.If the sagginess of the buttocks is severe, there is only a surgical excision that could correct it. This means that the butt lift procedure is the indicated treatment. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people undergo this procedure all over the world and enjoy the benefits of getting rid of buttocks sagginess.The butt lift procedure can be performed as a stand-alone intervention or in association with other procedures, especially for patients who had bariatric surgery or undergone other weight loss program.Here are some questions about...
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5 Feb

Are the results of buttock augmentation permanent?

Buttock augmentation procedures offered by plastic surgery are frequently performed nowadays on both female and male patients. The aesthetics of the buttocks is an important concern for men and women alike nowadays, and the structure of the buttocks rarely allows significant transformation with just physical exercises and diets. This means that in modern days most people resort to plastic surgery when they want to get a larger, rounder buttock in a short period of time. But then the question arises: are the results of buttock augmentation permanent?In this article, we will discuss the methods offered by plastic surgery for butt augmentation and how sustainable are their results in time.Buttock augmentation proceduresNowadays patients have two procedures to choose from when it...
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