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3 Mar

More or less cellulite on the butt after fat transfer?

More or less cellulite on the butt after fat transfer?


These last decades have certainly been under the sign of the big booty. Men and women alike are interested nowadays in getting bigger, rounder, more alluring buttocks. While physical exercise can certainly help you tone the rear end, this doesn’t necessarily translate into a bigger butt. The only reliable method to get a butt with more volume is with the help of plastic surgery. 

We have two methods available that can help you achieve the buttocks of your dreams: one uses external prostheses called gluteal implants and the other uses the patient’s own fat cells that are harvested from areas of the body where there is unwanted adipose tissue. 

While butt implants are the optimal solution for patients who don’t have excess fat, are rather thin or desire a more considerable augmentation, fat transfer is a very popular method preferred by many patients due to the 2-in-1 effect it provides. When fat transfer is performed, it is not only the butt area that is enhanced and sculpted but also the midline as it is often treated with liposuction and seen as a donor area for the fat required for the grafting. This means that when fat transfer is performed, the plastic surgeon will take fat from the tummy and graft it into the buttocks. It does sound like a dream come true, right?

When considering fat transfer, patients have different concerns in mind. For example, some might be interested to know if there is more or less cellulite on the butt after fat transfer. This is the same question we often get from patients interested in undergoing liposuction.

Cellulite is a condition of the skin that can have many causes, including a genetic predisposition and few solutions. It is unwise for patients interested in undergoing fat transfer to expect the procedure to cure cellulite as this is not always the case. After fat transfer, the rear end can be swollen and bruised for a few weeks or even months. The final results are visible three months along the line when the swelling subsides and the fat grafted has developed a new blood network that will ensure its survival. This means that it can take up to three months to see if there is more or less cellulite on the butt after a fat transfer. There are no guarantees that the fat grafting will improve the cellulite on the buttocks. We had patients who mentioned a considerable improvement in the overall appearance of the buttocks after fat transfer, including regarding cellulite, while others said that there was no difference in how their skin looked before and after. 



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