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1 Feb

Factors that can alter the results achieved with BBL

Factors that can alter the results achieved with BBL A procedure that is very modern and seen like a dream come true for many women all over the world, the Brazilian butt lift entails the use of fat collected from areas of the body and its reinjection into the buttocks. The butt will be shapelier, rounder and more appealing after the procedure, not to mention the lifting effect that can be achieved due to the added volume. The procedure is safe, and eligible patients find it not overly painful or uncomfortable. The procedure is performed with the patient under general anesthesia as it can last more hours. The hospitalization period is short, and patients can start the recovery period at home. The...
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25 Jan

Complications that can occur during the first month after BBL

Complications that can occur during the first month after BBL The Brazilian butt lift is among the most desired plastic surgery procedures today. Women see it as a dream come true as it allows for the removal of fat from areas such as the tummy and its transfer to the buttocks. The results are an increased volume of the buttocks, better shape, and also a lifting effect. However, it can take a while for the final results to transpire. The first two weeks are probably the most difficult for the patient and associated with a more intense level of discomfort due to the fact that sitting on the buttocks needs to be avoided at all costs, as well as sleeping on...
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17 Jan

Why does the fat disappear after a Brazilian butt lift?

Why does the fat disappear after a Brazilian butt lift? The Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that uses the patient’s own fat tissue to get a moderate increase in the size of the buttocks and also a perky effect of the butt. The surgery is more and more in demand nowadays as it is safe and efficient and the results can be sustained long-term easily.The Brazilian butt lift is actually a combination of liposuction with fat transfer to the butt. This means that the plastic surgeon will perform liposuction on areas with a surplus of fat, process the fat, and then reinject it into the buttocks. The areas targeted with liposuction need to provide enough fat for the transfer. This...
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9 Jan

What happens to the fat transferred after BBL?

What happens to the fat transferred after BBL? The Brazilian butt lift, or BBL in short, is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed on the buttocks to enhance their appearance. It has seen a considerable rise in demand over the last years as it can deliver spectacular results without the risks and complications associated with using implants. Moreover, the procedure allows for a remodeling of the body as it entails the removal of the excess of fat from areas such as the midline and reinjecting it into the buttocks. A dream come true, indeed. Taking the fat from the tummy and putting it on the buttocks!However, the procedure is just like any other surgery associated with risks and...
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30 Dec

Non-surgical butt augmentation methods – do they work?

Non-surgical butt augmentation methods – do they work? Nowadays people are interested in looking their best and even resort to plastic surgery for this. But if a few decades ago the results achieved with plastic surgery were visible, now patients and plastic surgeons alike are more interested in achieving results that look and feel completely natural. The buttocks area is one of the utmost interests for both men and women in modern society. The buttocks are a symbol of sex appeal, so men and women alike want to correct the imperfections of the buttocks such as sagginess and small butts. Before resorting to plastic surgery interventions such as the butt implants surgery, they often try other, non-surgical methods. The natural method that patients...
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21 Dec

How much can be achieved with a BBL?

How much can be achieved with a BBL? Fat transfer to the buttocks is very much in demand nowadays. The procedure is safe and delivers a complete remodeling of the body via the redistribution of fat. When the Brazilian butt lift is performed, the plastic surgeon will conduct liposuction on the areas with an excess of fat, collect the surplus of fat, and treat it to eliminate the impurities and damaged fat cells and reinject the healthy fat cells into the buttocks. This is a 2-in-1 procedure as it allows for the sculpting of the silhouette on more levels than just the buttocks. So, if you were wondering how much can be achieved with a BBL, the first thing worth mentioning...
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14 Dec

Health condition before undergoing a BBL

Health condition before undergoing a BBL Plastic surgery to enhance the buttocks is performed on an elective basis. This means that the patient goes to meet the plastic surgeon and have the candidacy for the procedure assessed during a pre-operative consultation. When meeting the plastic surgeon for the first time, it is important for the patient to be ready and know what to expect to make the most out of this meeting. What usually happens during a pre-operative consultation for a BBL is that the plastic surgeon will ask about your reasons for undergoing the procedure and your expectations from it. Then, he will perform a medical examination on your body as well as specific measurements. The areas to be treated with...
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5 Oct

Butt augmentation indications 

Butt augmentation indications  Getting a bigger, rounder and more appealing butt is a desire for many men and women alike. Fortunately, this dream is achievable nowadays with the help of plastic surgery. Butt augmentation can be performed either using the patient’s own fat cells harvested from areas where adipose tissue is in excess or with gluteal implants made of silicone. Both procedures are commonly performed nowadays, sometimes even in combination. Just like any other surgical procedure, butt augmentation surgery has certain indications for pre-operative care. Even during the initial meeting with the plastic surgeon, the patient will get an understanding of what the preparation for butt augmentation entails. If fat transfer is recommended, the patient might be required to gain more weight...
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21 Sep

How does the butt feel after fat grafting?

How does the butt feel after fat grafting? A common concern for patients interested in undergoing plastic surgery is how the body will look and feel after the procedure. This is completely normal, and patients should have a very clear image and understanding of what results are to be expected. When it comes to the Brazilian butt lift, a very popular question we hear during the pre-operative consultation is how the butt will feel after fat grafting. To understand what feel of the butt is reasonable to expect, let’s take a look at the surgical plan. The plastic surgeon will start the procedure with liposuction, as soon as the patient is rendered unconscious under the effects of the general anesthesia administered. Liposuction...
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19 Aug

Are there long-term consequences associated with breast lipofilling?

Are there long-term consequences associated with breast lipofilling? Fat transfer procedures are very popular nowadays, mostly because they are associated with minimal risks and can be used to add more volume to areas of the body needing it while areas with an excess of fat can also be reshaped during the procedure.The most commonly performed procedure involving the transfer of fat is fat grafting to the butt, also known as the Brazilian butt lift. However, this is not the only procedure that can provide good results when using fat collected from one area of the body to increase the volume in another. Breast lipofilling is another procedure that can be performed with good results on patients who are good candidates for...
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