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15 Jun

Butt implants versus fat grafting: How natural are the results?

Butt implants versus fat grafting: How natural are the results? IntroductionButt implant surgery and fat grafting are the two types of buttock augmentation procedures that most women undergo. Buttock augmentation with implants uses artificial implants to increase the size of the butt. On the other hand, fat grafting uses the excess fat in your body to add projection and shape to your rear ends. Both are major procedures that can enhance your derriere in different ways and deliver different aesthetic improvements.One of the common questions that many women ask pertains to the results of both procedures. They are curious as to which of these procedures offers more natural results and what they should expect after the surgery. Well, both procedures have...
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8 Jun

Does it hurt to sit after a butt augmentation with implants?

Does it hurt to sit after a butt augmentation with implants? The aesthetics of the buttocks is a complex and delicate topic nowadays. More and more people, both men and women, resort to plastic surgery to enhance the appearance of their rear end or to correct imperfections such as the underdevelopment of the buttocks. Having buttocks that are too small compared to the rest of the patient’s anatomy can trigger complexes and a feeling of dissatisfaction for individuals confronted with the issue. Plastic surgery offers safe and reliable correction methods for this issue.The procedures performed to increase the size of small buttocks are called buttock augmentations, and they can follow two main surgical plans. First, we have butt augmentation with...
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24 May

Why you shouldn’t get butt implant surgery while on your period

Why you shouldn’t get butt implant surgery while on your period During the pre-operative consultation for butt implant surgery, you will discuss many aspects of your life with the plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon will ask whether you smoke or not, if you have allergies, and whether you take any medication or natural supplements. Moreover, you might find it funny, but when it will come to scheduling your butt implant surgery, the plastic surgeon will ask you to pick a date after your menstrual cycle.Many patients don’t understand why they shouldn’t get butt implant surgery (or any other type of surgery) while on their periods, but it is actually a pretty common recommendation.Some surgeons would go as far as to...
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10 May

Buttock enhancement combined procedures

Buttock enhancement combined procedures IntroductionButtock enhancement surgery is used to enhance the buttocks by making them bigger, shapelier, firmer, and aesthetically welcoming. The procedure is invasive, and in most cases, involves placing artificial implants inside the derriere. The procedure can also be performed with other plastic surgery procedures. However, the combo of butt enhancement and other procedures can be more traumatic, and the recovery can be more overwhelming.If there are other aesthetic problems in your body in addition to smaller, saggy, or poorly shaped buttocks, you may consider combined butt enhancement procedures. The combined procedures can be different butt enhancement procedures like butt implant surgery or butt lift, or it can be a combo of butt enhancement and improvement of other...
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2 May

Post-operative care after butt implant surgery

Post-operative care after butt implant surgery IntroductionButt implant surgery is a popular plastic surgery procedure. Women who desire to augment their flatter or smaller buttocks often seek the intervention to enhance their aesthetic appearance. The surgery involves the use of artificial objects called implants to enhance your backside.After the butt implant surgery, you will be required to observe a protracted recovery period that can range from 2-4 weeks. During this period, you will need to take extra care of your new buttocks and your health. The post-operative care is directly linked to your safety and the quality of the achieved aesthetic outcomes. Compression garmentsYou will be advised to wear compression garments after the surgery. Some hospitals and surgical facilities provide the...
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2 May

2 Secrets of a successful Brazilian butt lift

2 Secrets of a successful Brazilian butt lift The data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) shows an increase in demand for the Brazilian butt lift procedure over the last few years. It looks like we are all under the spell of big, perky buttocks and there are few chances for things to change in the near future. The Brazilian butt lift is associated with minimal risks, and the results can be spectacular when performed by an experienced, talented board-certified plastic surgeon in an accredited medical facility or hospital.While the procedure is frequently performed all over the world nowadays, it is only a few plastic surgeons that are aware of the main secrets of a successful Brazilian butt...
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28 Mar

Getting a Brazilian butt

Getting a Brazilian butt A procedure very commonly performed and popular nowadays is the Brazilian butt lift. Getting a Brazilian butt lift is easier and safer now, and many people resort to it to enhance the appearance of their rear end. Generally speaking, the Brazilian butt lift improves the appearance of the buttocks by making it firmer and more voluptuous. Just think of the buttocks of the women from Brazil, and you will understand where the name comes from and what is the purpose of the procedure. The procedure is commonly requested by women, and to be eligible to undergo it, the patient should have an excess of fat tissue on other areas of the body. You might wonder why excess fat...
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