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4 Nov

Butt augmentation: When to combine fat with implants

Butt augmentation: When to combine fat with implants IntroductionIf you have been searching for buttock augmentation, you may already have come across the two popular options for enhancing your booty: implants and fat transfer, also known as the Brazilian butt lift. Buttock augmentation with implants is best for you if you want to get large and voluptuous buttocks, whereas fat transfer is recommended for a patient who desires to have shapelier buttocks with mild projection and natural results.  Many women wonder whether they can combine fat transfer with implants and when they should consider this combo procedure. The good news is that it is entirely possible to combine the two procedures; however, you need to have specific, genuine reasons to do so....
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21 Oct

Discussing butt augmentation surgery with your family and friends

Discussing butt augmentation surgery with your family and friends Undergoing plastic surgery is easier and more affordable than ever before. This is the reason why more and more people choose plastic surgery to achieve the aesthetic appearance that they want or to correct physical imperfections that have been bothering them for years. Butt augmentation is very in demand nowadays as it allows for a considerable increase in the volume of the buttocks when implants are used. Gluteal implants are external medical prostheses that are safe for the patient and also very durable. The implants don’t need to be removed or replaced during the patient’s lifetime unless a complication occurs, but the incidence rate for this to happen is really small. With implants,...
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21 Oct

FAQs about buttock augmentation

FAQs about buttock augmentation IntroductionButtock augmentation is among the most sought-after plastic surgery procedures in the United States. It can effectively treat smaller buttocks, making them bigger and voluptuous. According to the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, tens of thousands of people get buttock augmentation surgery each year in the US alone. The good news is that most people who have undergone the procedure are happy with the outcomes. Buttock augmentation is a major procedure, and it is crucial for the patient to do her research before going under the knife. Many questions are asked frequently about buttock augmentation surgery. Below are the common questions about the procedure.  Why do women want bigger buttocks?The buttocks are among the most critical aesthetic areas of...
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13 Oct

Combining buttock augmentation with hourglass hips procedure

Combining buttock augmentation with hourglass hips procedure IntroductionBigger buttocks and wider hips are the top two physical features that most women desire to have. Unfortunately, only a few women get these features naturally. Wider hips and fuller butts make women look more feminine, fertile, sexy, and physically beautiful. If your butts are smaller and your hips are narrow, you may consider getting the combo of butt augmentation surgery and hourglass hip procedure.The combined operation, which has been developed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Wilberto Cortes, effectively introduces all-encompassing aesthetic improvements to your body, making your butts bigger, your hips wider, and your waist narrow. The hourglass body is the most illustrious female body type. After the combined surgery, not all will...
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28 Sep

Are there scars left behind after fat grafting?

Are there scars left behind after fat grafting? Scarring is unavoidable after undergoing plastic surgery and also one of the turnoffs that keep people from resorting to plastic surgery. Some patients are really put off by the perspective of having to deal with scars that are permanent and sometimes positioned in areas where they could be visible. It is true that surgery is not possible without scars behind left behind, whatever type of surgery we are talking about. Also, it is true that the scars left on the body or the face are permanent. However, what some people might not know is that some procedures leave behind almost insignificant scarring.Are there scars left behind after fat grafting? We hear this question...
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21 Sep

How does the butt feel after fat grafting?

How does the butt feel after fat grafting? A common concern for patients interested in undergoing plastic surgery is how the body will look and feel after the procedure. This is completely normal, and patients should have a very clear image and understanding of what results are to be expected. When it comes to the Brazilian butt lift, a very popular question we hear during the pre-operative consultation is how the butt will feel after fat grafting. To understand what feel of the butt is reasonable to expect, let’s take a look at the surgical plan. The plastic surgeon will start the procedure with liposuction, as soon as the patient is rendered unconscious under the effects of the general anesthesia administered. Liposuction...
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14 Sep

Best plastic surgeon for the fat transfer to the butts

Best plastic surgeon for the fat transfer to the butts When it comes to plastic surgery and any type of surgery actually, it is normal for patients to want to get the best surgeon possible to perform their procedure. However, there are procedures when the experience of the plastic surgeon can make all the difference in between success and failure.The fat transfer to the butts is a procedure performed with the aim of improving the aspect of the buttocks by adding more volume. Certain asymmetries and other imperfections of the butts can be corrected using this method and also the patient can achieve a moderate augmentation of the buttocks that is completely natural as it only uses the patient’s own fat...
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30 Aug

How long will the fat survive after being transferred to the butt?

How long will the fat survive after being transferred to the butt? IntroductionButtock augmentation with fat transfer is now a fully-established plastic surgery procedure. It is used to add mild projection for women who have buttocks that lack projection and shape. There is no doubt that the buttocks are among the most vital aesthetic areas of the female body as they define your femininity, beauty, and body outline. Fat transfer uses a combo of liposuction and fat grafting to contour the booty. Some years ago, fat transfer was criticized for delivering temporary aesthetic improvements due to fat absorption by the patient’s body and surgical problems. However, many developments have been made that have increased the life of the achieved results. Let’s discuss...
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10 Aug

Fat grafting to remodel the butt

Fat grafting to remodel the butt If there was a time when people considered the breasts as the one and only feature that could make or break a woman’s aesthetic appearance, nowadays it is more about curves, proportions, and harmony, and the buttocks are also thought to be another feature representative of femininity and sex appeal. The most popular method for butt augmentation is now fat grafting. The procedure is also known as the Brazilian butt lift or butt lipofilling. The fat grafting method is very different in terms of the surgical plan followed and the results achieved compared to butt implant surgery. However, most patients resort to this procedure as it delivers amazing results with no complications associated with the use...
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27 Jul

Will the fat grafted into the butt disappear if I exercise?

Will the fat grafted into the butt disappear if I exercise? Fat transfer to the butt is commonly requested nowadays by women who want to enhance the shape and moderately increase the size of their buttocks. The results of the procedure are not really comparable to the ones achieved with butt implants surgery; however, the results look natural and the overall appearance of the patient can be much improved. Moreover, it allows for the remodeling of the sides and the lower part of the buttocks, which is something we can’t do when implants are used because they can only be inserted in the upper part of the buttocks, where the gluteal muscles are.Fat grafting to the buttocks is also preferred for...
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