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3 Aug

Methods to perform gluteoplasty

Methods to perform gluteoplasty Gluteoplasty is the medical term we use to refer to buttock augmentation surgery. Buttock augmentation procedures are popular nowadays and commonly performed all over the world and in the United States. They deliver impressive results with minimal risks and are the only effective methods to increase the size of the buttocks and sustain it permanently.There are two methods available nowadays to perform gluteoplasty. While we often refer to gluteoplasty as the procedure that entails the use of silicone implants to increase the size of the buttocks, another procedure is available that uses the patient’s own fat tissue to reshape the buttocks and increase their volume.When gluteoplasty with implants is performed, the patient should know that he will...
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3 Aug

The best buttock augmentation procedure for slender patients

The best buttock augmentation procedure for slender patients IntroductionMany slender patients who want to augment their buttocks with plastic surgery often wonder what the best butt augmentation option for them is. This is a common and important question that many plastic surgeons get to hear. Keep in mind that there are two options to augment the buttocks: via fat transfer and implants. Fat transfer involves the use of the excess fat in your body fat to augment the buttocks, whereas butt implant surgery involves putting artificial implants into the buttocks.What is the best buttock augmentation procedure for you as a slender patient depends on the aesthetic flaws in your buttocks, your aesthetic goals, and whether you have enough excess fat in...
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27 Jul

Does buttock augmentation treat cellulite?

Does buttock augmentation treat cellulite? IntroductionThe development of cellulite on the skin is a common condition that affects people. Women are particularly sensitive when it comes to the aesthetic appearance of their body. Flaws and shortcomings in the body cause self-esteem issues for women. The buttocks are among the most cherished and vital cosmetic assets of women. Women desire to have smooth, toned, bigger, and shapelier derriere. When the buttocks are smaller and the condition is coupled with the emergence of indented and jagged marks on the butt called cellulite, it can cause immense self-esteem problems. Many women who suffer from having smaller buttocks with cellulite often wonder as to whether the buttock augmentation procedure can also get them rid of that ugly...
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21 Jul

Is it mandatory to wear compression garments after fat transfer to the butt?

Is it mandatory to wear compression garments after fat transfer to the butt? IntroductionFat transfer to the buttocks is one of the most popular body contouring surgeries in the US. The procedure can alter the shape and projection of your butt, besides contouring your body areas that have developed stubborn fat pockets. The primary goal of fat transfer to the buttocks, which is also known as Brazilian butt lift, is to add projection and some volume to the backside. During the operation, the plastic surgeon will remove the excess fat from different areas of your body and then inject it into your buttocks. After the procedure, the patient is required to go through a recovery process. The patients are required to wear...
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14 Jul

3 Main advantages of fat grafting to the butt

3 Main advantages of fat grafting to the butt Fat grafting to the butt is a procedure high in demand nowadays mostly due to the results that it can offer and the limited risks associated with it. When fat transfer to the buttocks is performed, the plastic surgeon will perform liposuction in areas with an excess of fat to collect the fat cells needed to reshape the buttocks. As you can see, there are multiple advantages to the procedure, such as:  All-natural resultsBecause the procedure uses only the patient’s own fat cells, the results achieved are completely natural. A few months after the procedure and when the side effects have disappeared, it will be difficult (if not impossible) for...
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7 Jul

What are considered normal side effects after a butt augmentation?

What are considered normal side effects after a butt augmentation? Butt augmentation can be performed using two different methods nowadays. The surgical approaches are very different and also the results achieved vary, as well as the side effects and potential complications that can be encountered after undergoing the procedure. So, what are considered normal side effects after a butt augmentation?  Butt augmentation with fat transferAfter fat grafting to the butt has been performed, the patient will notice a certain discomfort and rarely pain on the operated area. The discomfort is a normal side effect after the procedure, just as the swelling and bruising are. Aside from the buttocks, the swelling and bruising will also be present on the area/s...
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22 Jun

5 Things you were not aware of regarding butt augmentation surgery

5 Things you were not aware of regarding butt augmentation surgery IntroductionMany people who want to undergo buttock augmentation surgery are not fully aware of the procedure. As such, they are curious as to what it involves and how it is performed. Buttock augmentation is a major plastic surgery procedure that is used to enhance a smaller and poorly shaped derriere. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and on an outpatient basis.If your buttocks are smaller or poorly shaped, buttock augmentation can help address these aesthetic flaws. After the surgery, your buttocks will be bigger, projected, and sexy. As a result, your self-esteem will be restored and you will feel good about your body image. In this article, I am...
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15 Jun

How many sessions of fat transfer can I get?

How many sessions of fat transfer can I get? The appearance of the buttocks is a major concern for both men and women nowadays with the big booty trend present everywhere. If up until a few years ago plastic surgery was mostly associated with big, round breast implants, now we see a considerable increase in the number of patients desiring to undergo procedures on the buttocks. Plastic surgery offers different methods to improve or correct the aesthetics of the butt. Procedures such as butt lift, the Brazilian butt lift, and liposuction are commonly performed to help patients achieve the butt of their dreams. However, it is fat transfer procedures that receive more and more attention with each year, and for a...
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14 Jan

Fat Transfer To The Buttocks And Cellulite

Fat Transfer To The Buttocks And Cellulite Cellulite is a skin condition that affects mostly women of different ages. If up until a few years ago it was believed that cellulite and stretch marks are the signs of a skin that has lost tonus and elasticity due to the natural aging process, nowadays this myth was busted as we can see cellulite and stretch marks even in teenagers.Not all areas of the body are affected by cellulite, or at least not in the same manner. For example, we rarely see cellulite on the breasts, but it is very common for the condition to be present in the buttocks. Actually, chances are you have seen a woman in leggings or some light...
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