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15 Jun

How many sessions of fat transfer can I get?

How many sessions of fat transfer can I get? The appearance of the buttocks is a major concern for both men and women nowadays with the big booty trend present everywhere. If up until a few years ago plastic surgery was mostly associated with big, round breast implants, now we see a considerable increase in the number of patients desiring to undergo procedures on the buttocks. Plastic surgery offers different methods to improve or correct the aesthetics of the butt. Procedures such as butt lift, the Brazilian butt lift, and liposuction are commonly performed to help patients achieve the butt of their dreams. However, it is fat transfer procedures that receive more and more attention with each year, and for a...
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14 Jan

Fat Transfer To The Buttocks And Cellulite

Fat Transfer To The Buttocks And Cellulite Cellulite is a skin condition that affects mostly women of different ages. If up until a few years ago it was believed that cellulite and stretch marks are the signs of a skin that has lost tonus and elasticity due to the natural aging process, nowadays this myth was busted as we can see cellulite and stretch marks even in teenagers.Not all areas of the body are affected by cellulite, or at least not in the same manner. For example, we rarely see cellulite on the breasts, but it is very common for the condition to be present in the buttocks. Actually, chances are you have seen a woman in leggings or some light...
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