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13 Oct

Combining buttock augmentation with hourglass hips procedure

Combining buttock augmentation with hourglass hips procedure IntroductionBigger buttocks and wider hips are the top two physical features that most women desire to have. Unfortunately, only a few women get these features naturally. Wider hips and fuller butts make women look more feminine, fertile, sexy, and physically beautiful. If your butts are smaller and your hips are narrow, you may consider getting the combo of butt augmentation surgery and hourglass hip procedure.The combined operation, which has been developed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Wilberto Cortes, effectively introduces all-encompassing aesthetic improvements to your body, making your butts bigger, your hips wider, and your waist narrow. The hourglass body is the most illustrious female body type. After the combined surgery, not all will...
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