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7 Jul

What are considered normal side effects after a butt augmentation?

What are considered normal side effects after a butt augmentation?


Butt augmentation can be performed using two different methods nowadays. The surgical approaches are very different and also the results achieved vary, as well as the side effects and potential complications that can be encountered after undergoing the procedure. So, what are considered normal side effects after a butt augmentation?

  1.   Butt augmentation with fat transfer

After fat grafting to the butt has been performed, the patient will notice a certain discomfort and rarely pain on the operated area. The discomfort is a normal side effect after the procedure, just as the swelling and bruising are. Aside from the buttocks, the swelling and bruising will also be present on the area/s treated with liposuction. This means that discomfort and a feeling of numbness can also be present on the tummy or the flanks if these areas were addressed with liposuction to collect the fat for the transfer. Small seromas and hematomas can occur but they often require no additional treatment, and they will disappear within weeks after the procedure. The patient might feel that there is a certain tightness on the buttocks, which is another normal side effect. Taking the prescribed medication and following the recommendations of the plastic surgeon will reduce the side effects and help the patient recover sooner.


  1.   Butt augmentation with implants

Implants can be used to increase the size of the buttocks, and the procedure is particularly recommended for patients who want a more considerable augmentation or don’t have enough fat in the body to be eligible for fat transfer. Butt augmentation with implants is a more complex and difficult procedure in terms of the surgical plan to be followed. Incisions will be performed usually in the intragluteal fold, and the muscles and tissues of the buttocks will be sectioned to allow the surgeon to create the pocket that will accommodate the implants. The implants are positioned either inside or under the gluteal muscles, depending on the condition of the tissues of the buttocks and the aesthetic goals of the patient. 

The patient can be left with drain tubes for a day or two as these will help remove the blood and liquids from the body so the patient can avoid side effects such as larger seromas and hematomas. The procedure is associated with a more intense level of pain, so this is a side effect to consider before scheduling the procedure. If you know you have a low tolerance to pain, discuss this with the plastic surgeon so he can prescribe the suitable pain medication to relieve your discomfort. 



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